WinterBoard Mods

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard There are quite a few new mods in Cydia today. There were three very cool unique new themes; AMANA08 (via BigBoss), Umicon (via BigBoss) and L’Amour (via BigBoss). All three of these themes do quite a bit of modding…battery, badges, UI images, keyboards, sliders, chat bubbles…etc. There were two new SMS themes; Christmas SMS (via BigBoss) and Simple Text (via Steffwiz’s Source). There was also one new weather theme; Winter Weather BG (via BigBoss). Check out all of the screenshots below.

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  1. I just want to change my background in springboard. How do I do that? Every theme in Winterboard seems to change a lot of things

    • Set the picture u want as your background as your wallpaper in settings as usual. Go into winterboard and select.. User wallpaper:: make sure u drag it to the top..

    • Thanks, I had tried that before and it seems to share the picture between the lock screen and the springboard background

      But I want a wallpaper for the lock screen and a different one for the springboard. Is that possible?

    • There may be an easier way to do this, but here is how I know how.

      1) Set your wallpaper in settings.
      2) Use Mobile Finder and browse to /var/stash/themes.
      3) Create a new folder and name it whatever you’d like.
      4) Go to the User Wallpaper folder, copy the picture and paste it into your newly created folder.
      5) Now rename that pic (should be lockbackground.jpg after you paste it) to wallpaper.jpg.
      6) Select the new theme in WinterBoard.

  2. How do I remove apps from my home screen?
    My phone is stock, no mods.