iLocalis 1.0.1-3 – Track your iPhone!

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free 10 day trial then 5 EUR  

iLocalis iLocalis is an application that allows you to track your iPhone. I had a viewer tell me about this application about four days ago or so and Doug and I have been testing it ever since. When you search for iLocalis is Cydia, you will also see an iLocalis Daemon package. You just need to install the iLocalis package…it will install the daemon automatically. Once you have the application installed, you will want to open it. The first thing you need to do is register your iPhone.

Once you have registered your iPhone, you can login to the application. This will bring you to the main menu with the options; My Location, Friends, Share Map, Settings and Extend Accounts. My Location will give you a Google map (inside the application) of where you were when it last checked for your location. It will display how long ago that location was taken, show you a Google map, give you the exact time and date of the location and give you an estimate on how accurate the location is (in meters).

Back on the main menu, the Friends option allows you to track friends who also use iLocalis. When selected, you will get a menu where you can enter your friend’s user name. Once you have added a friend, it will send them a message asking them if they would like to be your friend – the options are Oh Yes! Me too! or Ignore. If you choose to accept a friend, you will have a few options on how much information that friends will be able to know/control. You will get a screen that will allow you to choose if that friend can locate you (see your current map location), message you (send you a message) and/or control your iPhone (which basically allows the friend to control a few things on your iPhone). It will also show what the friend has allowed you to do with their iPhone; Locate them, Message them or Control their iPhone. Once you have chosen the options, that friend will be added to your Friends list.

If you select a friend in your list, you will get a menu of the options that you have for that friend. If you have full access to that friend’s account (allowed to view location, send message and control their iPhone) you will get the options; Locations Map which shows their most current location, Send Message Box which allows you to message that friend, Call forwarding which allows you to type in a phone number in which all of that friend’s numbers will be forwarded to, Send Remote SMS which allows you to send a text message to any number but it looks like it is coming from that friend’s iPhone, Make Remote Call which allows you to make a call via your friend’s iPhone and Manage This Friend which allows you to change what you are allowing that friend to see/do with your iPhone via iLocalis.

Back on the main menu, there is also a Share Map option. This option allows you to email a url link of your current location. To do so, just select the Create New Sharing option. You can then choose if you would like to allow messages from the url to your iPhone and how long until the url expires.

The next option on the main menu is Settings. This is where you basically control the applicaiton. From here you can change the name of your device, change the interval for how often it checks for your location, get your device ID number, set your email address (which is suggested in case you lose your password), change the time zone to the correct time zone, change your password, turn the location service on/off, be notified if a friend is near you (if you turn this on, your iPhone will make a like dig noise if you are near one of the people on your friends list), change the sms remote commands and turn on/off the Twitter update. I found that the integration with Twitter is not too bad…it does send a tweet every 30 minutes (or whatever you choose for the interval) to Twitter giving you a link to a Google map of the location and the street, city, State and zip code of the location. However, it also adds is some weird info that is in a different language. I assume that it is information on how accurate the location is. After you have chosen all your settings, select Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

Now, one of the cool parts about this application is that you can control it via So, if you go to you are able to see your last 20 locations, as well as turn the iLocalis tracking off or on, see the current battery percentage of your iPhone, make a remote phone call, activate call forwarding, show message box, send a remote sms and edit all your iLocalis settings. What is even cooler is that you can also view all your friend’s information. So, lets say you have a child who has iLocalis on their iPhone, you can see where they have been for the last 20 locations (about the past four hours or so if it is updating every 15 minutes). If you have full control you can also make a remote phone call, activate call forwarding, show message box and send a remote sms. This could come in really handy if you lose your iPhone or someone steals it! You can go on and track where it is or even send the iPhone a message saying, “I know where you are!” You could even have all your calls forward to a different number so the person who stole your iPhone isn’t answering your iPhone.

The last option on the main menu is Extend Account. When you install iLocalis, you get a ten day trial of the application. After that, it costs 5 EUR for a one year subscription to the application.

Overall, the application seems to work well. There are times when the location isn’t extremely exact but, it gives you the general area. It is definitly the nicest application of this kind that I have tested! Doug said that he has not experienced any issues with battery life while using iLocalis (I can’t speak on this because something else is massively draining my battery). If you are currently using iLocalis, let me know in the comments what you think of the app.


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  1. Not sure how I feel about the remote control features of this application. Sounds very useful for the stolen iPhone scenario, but the paranoid security freak in me has got to wonder if it could be exploited and used against me. Probably not, but I think it would always be in the back of my mind, so I’m thinking I’ll probably skip this one.

    • Yeah I’m with DeftOne on this. There is so much control of you iPhone using this. Too much for my liking especially since I have no idea the amount of security on this. Defiantly a cool idea though!

  2. Is this a new version of ilocalis ??? because this is not a new program at all I had it installed a few months back and ended up uninstalling it because it killllllled my battery and that is without it locating me at all unless I told it to. The program also caused my Usage and standby stats to read the same all the time even while locked causing an average of 30% lose of battery over night without touching the phone. Dont get me wrong I liked the program but not worth the battery drain imo. Let me know if its any better!!!

  3. a toggle switch to shut this off w/o having to login to the app would be a nice feature… an sbsetting(sp?) would be sweet…

  4. Yep i paid for this app..and let me tell you thats saying alot!@! I have been using this app for awhile and love it also.!! Its very reassuring that i can always know were my iPhone is at.

  5. taylor vanderbilt says

    this may be a really stupid question but i live in california, and want ilocalis but since the payment method is only in euro, does that mean its not available in the us??? i dont wanna plop the money down and find out that i have to be in london on holiday if i wanna lose my phone.,


    if someone has an answer an email address i can be reached is

  6. ´╗┐Gracias por compartir todos y cada uno dee estos cheats.
    Me encanta tu site!

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