Birthdays – Keep Track of Upcoming Birthdays

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birthdays Birthdays is very simple application that allows you to keep track of upcoming birthdays. In order for this application to actually work, you will need to add (or have) Birthdays assigned to your Contacts. To add a Birthday to a contact….go to your Phone app, select Contacts, select a contact, tap Edit is the upper right corner, scroll down and tap on Add Field, scroll down and tap Birthday, enter the date of the person’s Birthday and tap Save in the upper right corner.

When you open the Birthdays application, you will see the main screen in which it displays birthdays in the current month, next month and then any other birthdays. The list will display the contacts name and the day and the month of their birthday. If you tap one of the people in the list, you will be able to see that person’s contact info. Though, you can’t actually call them from within the Birthday’s application which I think is most definitely a necessity!!

In the upper right corner you will see a Setting button. In the Setting, you have the option to change the badge notification to the number of birthday’s that are on the current day, in the current week or in the current month. The only issue I have with this is, I would prefer there to be no badge on the icon unless there is an upcoming Birthday. I’m not huge on badges with zeros. There are a few other options in the Setting that are grayed out…I’m assuming we will see these options in future updates…which include; Show notifications in status bar, Play sound notifications and Use vibro for notifications.

Currently, this is a very basic and simple application which probably has to do with the fact that it is still in Beta. We will see what the updates bring. I personally would love to see iBirthday updated for firmware 2.x. Birthdays is an quick way to check for upcoming birthdays! Though, Birthdays is definitely a quick way to check for upcoming Birthdays.


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  1. what source is this under?

  2. just saw it inthe tags

  3. i dont see the source

  4. To me these birthday apps which don’t have lockscreen popup alarm notifies are fairly useless. So only ibirthday from the old 1.1.X days was a worthwhile app but the developer seems a little unresponsive these days on their blog… So no updates are given on 2.x release.
    I don’t know for people who sync their phone to windows but if you sync yours to a mac, I think using ical and using iCalBirthdays is a better option.
    Running this from Automator just sets up a birthday event in iCal which collects all your birthdays from your address book. It also allows you to set an alarm. (Which, you can configure the time yourself) There are also more functions like e-mail notifies…
    Only down side is when you add another birthday (That is, in your contacts/addressbook) which was not on your original list, you will have to re-run this to update the Birthday event and re-sync.

  5. what source is this on… i’m not seeing it in cydia offhand after a refresh

  6. errm, same here. Dont see it in Cydia. Source?

  7. there is a app called “birthdaylist” on the appstore with the same function and it is free!

  8. It is the Hack&Dev source. You might need to go into Cydia under More Package Sources and add it.

  9. Thank you Douglas, I was also looking for the source :)

  10. Tanmay Desai says

    thank you douglas…u saved me alot of time

  11. hey, how can i add an icon to the app?

  12. what source is this ??

  13. This app seems to me pretty useless… The only thing I think is necessary (and effective) is a BIRTHDAY ALARM!!!! is it so hard to make a simple alarm set to a specific time whenever somebody’s coming? And by the way, an option to delay the alarm for an hour if we can’t manage to send the congrats SMS… This was all avaiable in the QUICKBOARD app… That had QUICKSMS, QUICKBIRTHDAY and QUICKCALENDAR… And it was a paid app! but the freaking guy stopped supporting newer OS4 and now it crashes all over the place… Cheers


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