Dev Team Video Demo of iPhone 3G Soft-Unlock

Dev TeamBelow is a Video demo from MuscleNerd from the DevTeam. It shows his iPhone 3G sim locked and then shows the iPhone being unlocked via a soft-unlock which they are calling yellowsn0w..check it out below. There is no information on when this will be available for the rest of us The unlock will be released New Year’s Eve! We will keep an eye on the Dev Team’s website.

You can also follow MuscleNerd on Twitter.

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  1. It is said to be released via cydia and proper download on the 31 December.

    • Ok, I totally just watched the video again and he does say that at the end!! I totally missed it the first time! Thanks…I updated my post!

  2. will dev team ever try to jailbreak ipod 2g?

    • Here is what the Dev Team has to say about the iPod Touch 2G. But, maybe now that they are making progress on the unlock they will start doing more with it!

      Currently we are not investigating the iPod touch 2G. Other people outside the Dev-Team are looking into this, but we are not at the moment. Please don’t hassle us with comments and requests about this, they’ll just be deleted and ignored. If we do look at this device it will be sometime in the New Year and we’ll inform you guys if and when we commence this work.

      We would like to reiterate that this is not because –

      1. We are mean
      2. We are turning our back on the iPod touch community
      3. We have been paid off by JFK, Princess Diana or Elvis

      This is because –

      1. It’s not an iPhone
      2. We have been busy with the 3G unlock.
      3. We have been busy with the CCC talk.
      4. Only one of us has a iPod touch 2G (but we’ll see what Santa brings)
      5. Our employers don’t get as excited as us about hacking expensive pretty devices
      6. Unfortunately our partners, parents and pets need occasional attention too.

  3. yah i watched it live.
    i have a ATT contract but its still exciting that they are doing this!

  4. There’s no link to watch the video on an iPhone, is there? Also just wanted to say thanks for the reviews on field runners and topple, you convinced me to get them both!! One question though, what happens when you guys pay for an app but then decide you don’t like it and don’t want it?

    • Sorry, that’s because doesn’t support the iPhone. Let me see if the video is on YouTube anywhere and we can get a link to it.

    • Oh, and we don’t get refunds on apps we don’t like. The only one I ever got a refund on was Netshare and that’s ’cause Apple took it out of the App Store.

  5. Silly me for buying a factory unlocked one for much too much.

  6. Am i the only one seeing it???
    Dont u guys see, that the wi-fi is unavaible (grey) at his iphone? I understand, that the unlock had a wifi-problem as result…old story