Last Weeks Poll Results

AiS Time for a new poll. The last poll was – How often do you use the YouTube application on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Below are the results based on when we added the poll a little under a week ago.

At least once a day. (9%, 93 Votes)
At least a couple, or more, times a week. (14%, 149 Votes)
Maybe once a week. (14%, 149 Votes)
Maybe a few times a month. (20%, 224 Votes)
Hardly ever. (32%, 350 Votes)
Never. (11%, 121 Votes)
It is turned off on my iPhone or iPod Touch via the Restrictions settings. (1%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,093

I personally do not use YouTube a ton…I was actually one of the 350 Hardly Ever votes. I did this poll just out of curiosity and I thought it would turn out much differently than it did! I honestly thought there were be a lot more votes in the At least once a day and At least a couple, or more, times a week categories. So, interesting poll!

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  1. well i replaced my with mxtube