Snapture Flash – External Flash for the iPhone

Snapture Yesterday, we heard news that the developer’s of Snapture, a camera enhancement application, have designed a flash for the iPhone called SnaptureFlash. The product is currently still a prototype as they look for funding for the product. But, it definitely looks promising. I personally would love to see the release of this type of product. There are times when the iPhone’s camera just doesn’t cut it in low/no light. Gizmodo had the opportunity to get there hands on one of the prototypes and has a nice article about it. You can check it out HERE. Below are the product specs and some screenshots of what the SnaptureFlash looks like. For more info about SnaptureFlash check out their website.

Product Highlights:
    • World’s first true Xenon powered flash lamp attachment for mobile phones
    • Plug & play design – already seamlessly integrated with your existing Snapture software
    • Automatically low light detect and flash trigger
    • Red-eye reduction capable
    • Power-efficient design, 1000+ xenon flash photos in one charge
    • Ultra bright white LED for video recording
    • Feather weight, durable Poloy Carbon casing
    • iPhone speaker amplification
    • Sleek, ergonomic design
    • Patents pending

Product Specs:
    • 320V 13uF Ultra capacity capacitor (upgradable to 26uF)
    • 3 second charge time (double for higher 26uF capacity)
    • 0.3W Ultra bright pure white LED
    • 1m – 3m flash range
    • Max protrusions –
        – back: 9.5 mm
        – bottom: 8.7 mm
        – side: 1.0 mm
    • XXgrams / XX ounce total weight


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  1. Dustin Riley says

    I wonder if it would double as a case or would it force you to take your pre-existing case off.

  2. DJContagious says

    i am TOTALLY buying this!!!!!!!!!

  3. im glad its for the original! snapture is a sweet app, im glad to see the developers are still working

  4. looks nice! I think it serves as a skin as well. Does anyone know where to buy the gps360 for 2g iphone?

  5. WOW! im buying it!! :D

  6. Old stuff .. I already own FastMac’s TruePower iV battery charger for iPhone 3G which is an iPhone case, a battery charger and a flash light emitter.

    You can see product’s pictures and more info here: