SweetTooth – Bluetooth Stumbler

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SweetTooth SweetTooth is a simple bluetooth stumbler application. When you open SweetTooth, it will scan for any Bluetooth devices in range. When it is finished scanning, it will display a list of all the devices that it has found (if it does not find any, the list will be blank). You can also have it rescan for devices by selecting Rescan in the upper right corner. That is basically it. It doesn’t seem like you can select a device from the list in the application and pair it to your iPhone. However, this is slightly difficult for me to test because the headset I tested was already paired to my device. So, as far as I can tell, it just gives you a list of local Bluetooth devices. However, I did notice in the package description that they are going to be adding more features to the app later. Let me know in the comments if I missed any functionality of the current version of this application (2.0.0-1).


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  1. sean novak says

    its supposed to be able to pick up other bluetooth devices not just headsets.

    turn on bluetooth on another iPhone and see if it finds it.

  2. Hi

    Is this mean that we can transfer file/song to any phone via bluetooth or jus iphone only ?

    • Braden Herring says

      You can’t transfer anything. It just shows bluetooth devices near the iPhone. You can’t do anything with them after that.

      However, it is progress.

  3. Go to devs website. They are working to add full Bluetooth functionality to iPhone. Right now it just finds the devices. But their plans are to enable file transfers, bluetooth headphones for music and more.

  4. I cant found SweetTooth in Cydia ;(((

  5. drumthrasher109 says

    When I try and open the application, it shows the slash screen, enables Bluetooth, and crashes. WHAT THE HECK?

  6. Just crashes on 2.1 iPhone here.

  7. It only works on 2.2 you’ll have to update your firmware

  8. I cannot find sweettoth in cydia is there sources I need to add ?

  9. Found it !! I just have to refresh my sources…

  10. i cannot find which sources???

  11. it doesn’t works in Ipod Touch?
    only works in 2.2?not in 3.0?

  12. Am i missing something here, what does this app actually do is it really as POINTLESS as it sounds? So it just brings up a list of bluetooth devices within range…Well i already know what b/t devices are around me i dont need this to tell me. Totally Useless!!

  13. itsa use full

  14. Help it ceeps on crashing

  15. flakefrost says

    bluetooth sniffers are no longer in the app store :( apple removed wifi sniffers as well :(