WinterBoard Mods – Theme, Keyboards and Wallpaper Packs

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard I’m still trying to get caught up on all the mods that were released this week-end. After looking through quite a few of them (though, I still have quite a few left), here are a few I thought were worth mentioning. The first is a theme, iComplete via BigBoss. The title really does explain the theme…it is very complete. It mods almost every part of your iPhone or iPod Touch including, wallpaper, icons, battery, UI images, dialer…etc. There is also a match SMBSettings theme as well. The next mods are keyboard mods. Macbook White KeyBoard, via BigBoss, and Neutra Keys, via modmyi, both theme your stock keyboard (see screenshots below). All three of the mods mentioned above are activated through WinterBoard. The last two apps are wallpaper packs…both vDay and Changing Times are available via the MacCiti source.


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  1. Hi! Something is messed up in your previous entry (about instinctiv shuffle). Please fix it, since I want to comment that the app does not correctly install for me (Cydia errors). Thanks!

  2. Talking about mod’s. There was a update to Stack today. Review?? I’m having some trouble with it.

  3. The instinctive shuffle article is broked…

  4. Icomplete is a very impressive theme one of the best complete themes released in a long time. Much love to the creator, SWEET!

  5. I used to be an avid user of the Vivid theme with it’s transparent icons. However the developer seems to no longer be updating it. :( So iComplete is my new baby now. It’s an awesome theme! Most complete theme since the still awesome Aqwoah themes. Thanks to the devs! :D

  6. Hey I cannot install any keyboard mods? nothing happens, i’ve even rebooted…I’ve jb’n with Spirit on my 3gs 16g….email me if you can help me out


  7. Hey!!! The green field with the clouds and the blue sky is MY photography! Please say where it comes from and stop stealing your pictures!