MiZoo – iZoo Clone…Similar to Bejeweled

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MiZoo Guys, I cannot even tell you how stoked I was when Lazrhog wrote me a few days ago and told me that MiZoo would be coming to the App Store! iZoo (also developed by Lazrhog) was like one of my all time favorite apps from back in the 1.1.4 and below jailbreak days (ohhh…the good ol’ days!). So, as you can image I was very excited to test this one out.

When you open MiZoo, you get the main menu with the options; New Game, Settings and Worldwide Scores. In the Settings, you have the option to enter the name in which you will use in the Worldwide High Score table. The Worldwide Scores option will bring you to a high score table (which opens right in the app). To begin playing, select New Game.

The object of the game is to line up three or more animals in a row…either horizontally or vertically. To do so, just tap and drag the animal you would like to move. When you make a match, the animals will disappear and your score for that match will float off the screen. Throughout the game, you will randomly get different animal options. For example, a scrolling animal…when tapped, it will remove all of the corresponding animals off your screen. I also had an animal that had a shinning dot on it…when that animal is used in a match, you will get extra points. In order to move onto the next level, you have to make enough matches to get rid of the amount of animals shown above the animals icon (located above the play screen). To pass level one, you have to get rid of six of each animal. To pass level 2, you have to get rid of nine of each animal…and so on. Once you finish a game (lose), you are able to submit your score to the high scores table.

There are also quite a few fun options above the play screen. In the top right of the screen is your score. Below that, from left to right, are some cool options. The binoculars are hints, to use a hint, just tap on the binocular icon. You only get two per game (not level) so use them wisely! Note: Binoculars will also randomly show up in the play screen…when you tap them, they will add an extra hint to your total hints! The next cool feature is an elephant. As you play, the elephant will fill red. Once it is completely full, elephants will march across your screen and give you extra points and ways to earn extra points. The paw print is the pause button and the floppy disk is the save and quit button. This will save your game and then allow you to resume it the next time you open the application.

Below those are a few more options. As you play you will notice that the blue bar to the right of the moon will shorten. As you make matches it will pause but, if you sit looking for your next match…it will continue to shorten. If it gets all the way down, your play screen will go black and it will shine a light on your play screen (like a flashlight). Which makes it much more difficult to find matches! As you play, your time will also go down. When it starts to get low, all the animals on your screen will begin to shake! Which does not help the stress level!! :)

I will say that I liked the cute little animals from iZoo a little better! Sometimes I find these animals hard to look at. The only feature we need now are skins like we had with iZoo!!

Personally, I love these types of game…I’m a total addict and this is one of my favorites!! If you also like these types of games, this is one worth checking out. There are a ton of fun features that keep the game interesting.

Note: Below is one promo code for MiZoo…it’s all yours to the first person who redeems it. You can redeem promo codes in iTunes on your computer or in iTunes on your iPhone and/or iPod Touch. Please let us know in the comments if you use the code so that everyone knows it is no longer available.

Promo Code: F7RJANP67NK4



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  1. I’ve been waiting for MiZoo (a.k.a. iZoo) for a while, I can’t believe it’s finally out. To my surprise, I was the first person to redeem the app with your promo code. Thank you so much for it! Keep up the great work!

  2. shame they had to change the animal pictures, but the original ones i guess were copyrighted from the zoo keeper game. hopefully skin support comes!

  3. im glad that izoo is back i really loved this game.. although is its absence ive been playing MM Park.. pretty much the same concept and visuals, but MM Park has a pretty fun 2 player mode that lets you play another iphone or ipod touch in your network.. it starts with a bar and an icon in the middle.. and depending who gets matches faster and quicker the icon moves more to thier side.. and vice versa until eventually it goes all the way to your side and its game over.. pretty cool feature.

  4. Had tried it, but no sound in this game???

  5. Just though someone should mention there is a lite version of this game to try an untimed single level for free. This has been my favorite iPhone game since 1.1.4 by the way.