TubeJunkies – RSS Reader for YouTube

Available In: App Store       Price: $5.99  

TubeJunkiesWhen I first heard about this app I wasn’t too interested because I hardly ever use YouTube. I really hate that you can’t sort your search results to the most recent videos when you search for something. I’ve recently been interested in remote control cars, specifically from a brand named Traxxas. They have many different models and I’ve been searching YouTube on my computers and checking them out. I also check iPhone videos every once in a while for the latest info.

With TubeJunkies I can enter in these search terms and it shows me the most recent videos like an RSS reader. It also makes the thumbnail dim once I’ve watched them. The only catch is some videos, maybe 20% of them, are too new and haven’t been converted for the iPhone. If you’re into YouTube the apps worth it. However, it’s biggest downfall is the price at $5.99. I’d probably pay $2.99 max for it.

Now if you’re interested in checking out the app I have 3 promo codes for you. Check out this post to see how to redeem promo codes and please let us know if you’ve used one so we can strike it out. Thanks!



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  1. Thanks for the promo code im trying it out now :)

  2. Dustin James says



  3. sweet! was thinking about checking this out. do you know if it archives the videos or just link them?

    oh, and i used code: K37JPNJRRWRL

    thanks doug!

  4. Hi there… giving it a go… I used LPHMJRWMHFTN

    Thanks :-)

  5. srry i used EXMTEJXKNPN9

  6. Awww.. The code is US only :( Im german :P

  7. What is the name of that keyboard you are using?

  8. all codes have been used

  9. How can I get that Gmail icon?

    Doug, couldn’t you use imobilCinema to watch the vids?


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