Autolock SBSettings

Autolock is an add on for SBSettings that allows you to toggle the autolock feature on your iPhone. It controls a setting in your Settings App that locks your iPhone after a predetermined amount of time to conserve battery life. Just search for Autolock SBSettings in Cydia, install it and it will be a new option to toggle in SBSettings. Of course you will need the SBSettings App for this to work. If you want to know more about SBSettings see this review.

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  
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  1. Doesn´t work for me :(

  2. Does this not work for anyone else? I had been waiting for this to come out for SBsettings for a while and was happy to see it today.

    but soon after i installed it, i realized it doesnt work. i removed it, re-installed it and THOUGHT it was working but realized for some reason i just changed my regular autolock settings to “never” instead of 1min i had it set on and wasnt directly working itself. after i changed it back to 1min normal, and tried to toggle it in SBsettings, still no luck getting it to work….. tried many resprings and reboots.

    hopefully they fix this soon. this is the only update i was waiting for to delete BossPrefs

  3. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this since I got SBSettings.

    Quick question though. How do you get it to display more than four icon toggles? I can never get it to do that.

    • Go into ‘More’ and then ‘Set Toggles’. Finally pick which ones and then close the app and it will respring. :)

  4. Awesome! Have been waiting for this :-)

  5. Excellent – all i need now is an icon for the Gruppled theme…

  6. I installed it but I don’t seem to be having any luck getting it to work. Do I need to change it in the settings menu too? With the BossPrefs toggle I just needed to turn that one on/off and that was it.

  7. Does it work as insomnia? It would be cool if it does!

  8. it doesn’t work!!!

  9. Confirmed… it doesnt work – it does seem to change the setting in the settings app, but doesnt actually DO anything. FAIL

  10. To the person who made this article, does it actually work for you? Did you even test it before making a review? Nobody else can get it working so I don’t see the logic in this…

  11. don’t work for me either

  12. Dont work for me either….I see the icon and it does switch the settings between ‘Never’ and ‘1 minute’ with the toggle (which by the way is inversed) but it doesnt actually do change anything (it still sleeps even when Never is displayed in Settings.

    Promising, but not yet operational. Shouldnt have been released yet.

  13. I wish someone could program a toggle to activate backgrounder on and off . The method of the “2 seconds Home button press” is quite annoying.

    Anyway SBsettings is the best thing ever made for the jailbreak community.

    • Blah … the “SBsettings is the best thing ever made for the jailbreak community.” is an absurd statement. Don’t get me wrong, I love SBsettings and Im not trying to say it’s not great.

      All Im saying is that without all the backend stuff like mobile substrate, cydia, the tool chain, etc … none of this would be possible. Now those are ground breaking developments.

  14. Doesn’t work. Hope it will soon!

  15. does not work for me


  16. me too, not working !!!

  17. when is this going to work?

  18. on FW2.2, does not actually work.

  19. Works great with FW2.1! Good toggle eventhough the toggle colours should be the other way around. Now it’s grey/red (depending on the SBSettings theme) when the AutoLock is ON and it’s white/green when the AutoLock is OFF. So it works exactly the opposite as for example the WiFi toggle does. That’s a little annoying. Other than that, it works as it should.

  20. not working fw 2.2.

  21. Was U Saying Something? says

    Wow I just googled this because I’m tapping my screen every second so it doesn’t autolock (downloading something and forgot to go into settings and change autolock to never) and wondered WHY there wasn’t a toggle in SBSettings for AutoLock …so I figured it probably was and I just didn’t know how…

    Found this and was so excited then read the reviews and my excitement quickly faded :(

  22. Jonesyman says

    Worked great for me! Tried it despite the reviews. Firmware 2.2

  23. Worked for me.
    I started with the autolock on “Never” in Settings.
    then I turned it on thru SBSettings
    on 3.0