SBSettings 0.91b

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SBSettings I did a post with a preview of SBSettings a about a week ago and it seems that it is now available via Cydia. SBSettings is said to be a full replacement to BossPrefs (which we all love so much)! When you install SBSettings, you will not see an icon on your SpringBoard. You activate the application by swiping on your Status Bar (that is the bar at the top of your iPhone or iPod Touch that have the time, carrier logo, battery…). This will bring up SBSettings. The upper part of the menu are features of SBSetting the lower part of the menu gives you information about your iPhone or iPod Touch. Such as the name of your iPhone, your WiFi IP address, your Data IP address and the amount of space available on your iPhone.

The larger icons on the upper part of the menu (3G, Bluetooth, SSH, WiFi…) are things that you are able to toggle on or off. Just tap on the icon your would like to toggle. If the icon is red that means that it is toggled off if the icon is green it is on. The red X in the upper right corner allows you to close the SBSettings window. There are also a few smaller icons on the menu. The More icon brings you to another menu in which you add more icons to the main toggle menu (up to 11), you can hide and unhide icons from your SpringBoard and you can enable a few extras. The Refresh icon allows you to refresh the SBSettings menu. The Respring icon will respring your SpringBoard and the Power icon will turn your iPhone or iPod Touch off.

Overall, everything in the app seemed to work fine for me. There have been a few updates to this application since it was released and they included a few bug fixes. I am not having any issues with the version I am on right now. They will be adding more options with future update. Some of the options will include; the ablity to make your own toggles and more options in the “More” menu. I personally don’t think it is quite a BossPrefs replacement app yet but, it will get there. Let me know in the comments what you think of SMSettings and if you will use it as a BossPrefs replacement.

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  1. Does it have the ability to disable/enable email accounts quickly? Thats the main thing I use BossPrefs for.. I haven’t seen it in any of the screenshots.

  2. What do you reccomend is better boss prefs or SB Setting?

  3. i considered this until i discovered quickgold.

  4. I think both apps can live together
    But I’d keep my bossprefs until SBSettings can get some sort of dock for my administrative apps

    • Agreed. I like this app a lot, but I need that dock from Bossprefs before I can fully switch.

      Keep those updates coming Big Bossman!!

  5. i first uninsall bossprefs…restarted iphone…and then installed sbsetting…
    i cant get edge toggle to turn on…neither ssh..
    bluetooth, phone, wifi woking great

    then i installed bossprefs again…and turned on edge and ssh…and it worked fine…but still sbsetting is not working for me…anyone else have same problem?

  6. what is the bossprefs source im knew tothis stuff

  7. I hope have very soon more than 9 “pages” of apps

  8. I Don’t Know If Somebody Has Noticed This But When You Use Apps Like Safari in Landscape Mode If You Swipe The Status Bar SBSettings Shows But Not In Landscape So You Have To Turn Your iPhone Again Just To Have A Good Look At It, Would Be Nice If It Adapted To The Position Of The iPhone

  9. Frankly, this is really good but if they could just get the same boss prefs stuff, it would be twice as good. It’s already looks dang cool.

    Brooke, how do you figure this stuff out so fast? Do you have a source that you follow?

  10. Anyone else having this issue? When I use refresh it crashes the phone. I have tried it twice and the second time I thought I would be doing a restore. Very frightening.

    Big Boss if you are reading this you may want to look into that. Nice work overall.

  11. slide ones on the status bar

  12. Perfect app. With all the addons coming up, I don’t need BossPrefs anymore. Much more convenient for me.