The New Look of BossPrefs?

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bossprefs BigBoss’s website has been moved to a new url ( and while I was checking it out today, I noticed that he posted about some work he is doing on a new app. I know quite a few of you really like BossPrefs so, you might want to check out the new app. Below are some screenshots and a description from BigBoss’s website.

“The toggles drop down when you swipe along the status bar. It is very fast and can be used while in any app without exiting the app. Suppose you are in Safari but realize your 3g is not yet enabled. Simple! Just swipe the statusbar and tap 3g and resume in safari where you left off. No need to exit safari and load settings or bossprefs.

Like bossprefs, this will have an addon module so you can create your own addons and also an application component that will be launched with the little settings button (see top right of the screenshots) to let you do things like hide icons and all the other cool things BossPrefs currently does. We are also planning to add some other cool features.”

You can check out the full article HERE.

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  1. awesome!!!

  2. There’s nothing new about this. This program was introduced on the 1.1.x firmware. It actually was a seperate program and wasn’t integrated into bossprefs. I guess the integration is new.

  3. Hi there: does anyone know how to install airplane toggle in BossPrefs??
    When I was on 1.1.4 I used to have these but now on 2.1 I dont know how to have airplane toggle.
    Thank you so much in advance

  4. I have the lastest version of BoosPrefs and there is no airplane toggle ;-(
    Actually I read on BigBoos web site that you can add airplane toggle but not how do it…..


  5. I found it! Thanks brando

  6. Hey how do i change my name on where it says carrier logo? and is there a way to turn off the autocorrect?

  7. When I respring I keep ending up in Safe Mode, anybody got suggestions of how to fix this.

    BigBoss n ipodtouchmaster05 Rock!!!!

  8. im looking for a theme something like the bossprefs’ icon. does anyone knows the name of the theme?


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