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Multipad Ever had the desire to just start doodling on your iPhone? Ever need to jot down a quick note but didn’t have pen or paper? Ever wish your finger could be a pen with varying thickness and a palette of colors? Well, with Multipad, all of those wishes can come true with this drawing utility app.

The application is very simple. Essentially, you have 9 working pads on one screen, and you have 8 screens available. On each of the 72 drawing pads, you have the option to undo, redo, change the color/thickness, clear the pad, and go back to the main screen. There is no need to save as the program automatically does this for you.

Wanna play Hangman?
I really like the idea of having a quick app ready for the times when I need to just jot down a simple note, phone number, sketch, or thought. Sometimes, you just don’t want to go through the motion of typing on the iPhone, or you need to illustrate something in doodles rather than words. Multipad allows me to do this, and I don’t have to worry about saving a file, waiting for the app to load, or depend on an Internet connection.

Notes, not Essays.
If there were ever a time that I ever wished for an iPhone stylus, it would probably be to accompany Multipad. I don’t have big fingers, but there were instances where I would struggle to write legible messages. Also, don’t plan on writing your grocery list on here since you’ll be able to fit 5-10 words max. In an update, I would like to see the ability to retain your color and thickness setting, as I noticed the program resorted back to a default thin black line each time I closed and reopened. Also, it is a challenge to make dots as in dotting your I’s. Crossing the T’s is fine, though. Lastly, I’d like the option to clear several pads at once from the main screen.

For what it claims to do, Multipad delivers. As advertised, it’s a fast, simple, and stylish app that allows you to take notes and save them with ease. However, my suspicion is that there are definitely some free apps out there that will be able to perform similar features such as allowing you to take a quick note or doodle. Where Multipad can outperform is in its design (9×8 grid), simplicity (no save needed), and updates (none yet) to address shortcomings. Whether that’s worth a $1.99 price tag depends on your needs.

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  1. Dustin James says

    I’m sure you know that there are stylus’ out there for the iphone:

    • Yeah, one of my students even showed me that some Al foil on the tip of a pencil will work as well. Unfortunately, I have a screen protector, so that didn’t work for me. Thanks for the link too.


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