Google Sync for Mobile – Sync your iPhone or iPod Touch’s Calendar and Contacts with Google

GoogleIt’s about time!!!! You can now sync your iPhone or iPod Touch with your Google Calendar and Gmail’s contacts. You’re going to want to export all your contacts on your iPhone first so you can import them into Gmail. Otherwise Gmail will write over them the first time. Same thing with your calendar. I’m going to test this out tonight and let you know how it goes but I gotta get to my computer to back up my contacts and calendar first. Here’s a video from Google on how it works and you can learn more about setting it up at here.

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  1. Question is, is that better or worse than using nuevasync?
    In nuevasync, the colors are pretty much random – but otherwise it works quite well.
    If googlesync manages to get the colors right, then I’d say it’s even better :)

    Now if only they’d extend supporting gmail using that exchange platform … but I fear if it’s not supported yet it’s probably a matter of money rather than a technical issue.

  2. Okay, I tried this out. I am also a user of NuevaSync which did the same thing since the 3G came out. The Google Sync product is definitely in beta. My gCal account has three calendars. When I used Google Sync, it only synced 2 of those three and also represented those two as one calendar. NuevaSync supports multiple calendars, and syncs all three so I am sticking with that service for now. Contacts seemed to work correctly on Google Sync as it does with NuevaSync. Hopefully Google will add push email at some point and fix the other issues I mentioned. That is what it will take to get me to use Good Sync.

  3. Dascalargo says

    Gotta agree with Kirk. I saw the headline and thought, cool, something new! I was looking forward to seeing what new tricks they’d come out with But I’ve been using NuevaSync for months now, too, and it does everything Google Sync does (if not more).

    Funny, isn’t it, that a third party was able to develop a program to sync with Google Calendar much faster and better than Google was. The kids in Mountain View are slipping.

  4. Google WILL support multi calenders. You have to go to on the iphone. Log in, select iphone, then you can choose which calenders to sync. You can only select 5 but thats more than enough for me.

    • I am using an iPod Touch and Google says it doesn’t support the device. Now it only shows my standard calendar on my iPod…

    • iPhone 3G here, same result as John (above) when visiting (Device not supported.) Maybe it’ll be updated in a while to reflect iPhone being supported. :-S

      All set up nice and working well — except so far only getting the standard calendar showing up on the phone.

    • I found a solution:

      You have to select the language “English” and then it will work.



    • Right you are! Thanks.

    • where do you change the language to english???

  5. i dont know why but when i go to the info tab in itunes i dont ger the option to check sync with google… HELP!!

    • I have the same problem as Charlie – no checkbox for google sync in iTunes. Is this because we are in the UK? Or not on the most up to date firmware? I have not upgraded on the last firmware release bit my iTunes is right up to date. Would love some HELP.

  6. Once set up to sync with the google account (contacts and calendar), is there any way to sync the phone with the OSX address book and iCal? (Especially address book.)

    Right now, it seems to be an either-or. Either google-info or osx-apps-info. I’d like to have the same stuff on all three places: google; addressbook+ical; iphone.

  7. Kenny in Nashville says

    I’m eager to hear from Doug how things went and hear his comments about this.

    Thanks Doug!

  8. black white says

    i think the google sync maybe better, NuevaSync can only sync calendars you can change as I setup last time. google was able to show calendars people share with me as a reader. though, the color is still not right for me.

  9. black white says

    sorry, just checked. NuevaSync can do read only calendar too.