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witWIT Software has announced a full MMS application for the iPhone. The catch is it’s only available to the Portuguese App Store right now. They plan to get it in more places but we’ll see how Apple handles that. Since we can’t test it, we have the press release, a demo video and some screenshots!

WIT Software announces an MMS application for iPhone
Coimbra, February 11th, 2009 – WIT Software, a company that develops software products for Mobile Operators and the Mobile Internet, has just released a fully interoperable MMS application for the Apple iPhone.

WIT Software took the lead and recognized the demand in the market for an iPhone MMS application. With this application users of the iPhone will be able to send and receive multimedia messages, including images and video clips. Up until now they were limited to text messaging (SMS) and E-mail.

This MMS application for the iPhone follows all the industry standards, enables rich communication with any other phone and it is easy to integrate within the Mobile Operator network. The application is available as a white label product and is targeted for licensing to Mobile Operators worldwide.

After several months of development followed by a friendly-user trial, this iPhone application was certified by Apple Inc. and is now available for download at the iTunes Apple Store from Portugal. The development cycle and the user-trial were done in close cooperation with Vodafone Portugal, becoming the first Mobile Operator in the world to launch this MMS application.

Luis Silva, WIT Software CEO, stated that “This MMS application brings the iPhone up to speed on mobile messaging features, allowing clients to make use of the iPhone camera and image gallery to express their feelings. This iPhone application will be important for Mobile Operators that want to create a new revenue stream with MMS messaging.”

About WIT Software WIT Software is a company that develops software products for Mobile Operators and the Mobile Internet. The company specializes mainly in the convergence of communications between the mobile, the PC and the Internet. WIT Software has offices in Coimbra and Lisbon (in Portugal) and in San-Jose (California, USA).

For more information about this product:
Contact for Press:
Telephone: +351.239.801030
Mobile: +351.91.4003729

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  1. awesome pretty neet when the release

  2. so the app is free but is the carrier charging for the pics? or is it included in the plan?

  3. Sounds great but how much???

  4. Hi, I live in Portugal and Vodafone has already made this app available here. It’s great! The only issue is that after you get a pop up message saying that u’ve received a new MMS, you need to turn off your wifi connection to be able to see it. But overall it works perfectly. Many thanks to WIT Software!

    • so do u get charged per pic sent?

    • Dustin James says

      How does vodafone work?

      What I mean is, AT&T in the US has the MMS feature totally un-provisioned on the iPhone. When you put an iPhone on an AT&T account, MMS is completely taken off of the system for that number.

      So… my question is, do you know if Vodafone does the same thing.

      The reason I ask is that I would like to know if the this application uses the emailing technique to send an MMS or if it literally uses the MMS feature on the network.

    • I second Dustin’s reply

    • @edden You are charged according to you provider’s rate for MMS messaging. It’s just like when you use any MMS enabled phone.

      @dustin at least here in Portugal (and I think in any Vodafone) you have the MMS services always provisioned. You are charged per message sent, if you don’t use it you don’t pay anything.

  5. I think you’ll find this is why MMS wasn’t an option for iphone. Every carrier wants its pound of flesh. Makes email on a data plan seem super cheap. I believe most people dont use MMS all that much. At 40 cents plus Per pic, too costly.

    • Yes, MMS is costly in most providers. However it is not the same thing as email, even if you have 3G always on and checking the email continuously.
      There is an “instant” concept in the MMS, also tou can send MMS to a mobile number just like you’d send an SMS, To send a picture to someones mobile you have to know his/her’s email address and expect that he/she has the email client connected.

  6. so yall think this will top swirlymms? cus i still think swirly gets the job done.

  7. Well Edden and Dustin James, I am not really sure how it will work in the U.S but here the app was announce as a Vodafone app. I have on my iPhone a payment plan that is not just for it, so I am charged as any other phone. In my payment plan I pay 10€ per month to Vodafone and I have calls SMS and MMS for free to other in that have the same plan. That’s not much of a help for you guys, but I guess it will depend on AT&T.

  8. The difference from swirly is that this one is free.

  9. Dustin James says

    I am an AT&T RSC. I sell iPhones daily. When in the process of setting up an iPhone on someone’s account, the system automatically un-checks the MMS Sock as well as the Basic VM Sock.

    With AT&T, people who pay for unlimited texting get exactly that. Unlimited SMS and MMS. It is in no way connected to our internet or PDA data plans.

    I just want to know if this App uses the actual MMS Sock.
    On a side note, it is .30 cents per MMS with AT&T if there is no texting plan on the account.

  10. This is pretty awesome and glad to see my fellow Portuguese people coming up with solutions to MMS short comings on the iPhone :)

  11. I saw that SwirlyMMS is about to release a much enhanced version: 1.3 translated into many languages (and more to come) and a new composer later this week!!
    Ok, you must have a jailbroken iPhone but that is soooo easy to do today with QuickPwn that even my 66 year old mother was able to do it! Still I wonder how this wit-mms application described here receives an MMS? Do you get an SMS? And why on earth do you need to turn Wifi off???? That must be frustrating and tedious?! Or??? I think SwirlyMMS is super today and given that the new screenshots looks promising I think it will be way superior to any other wanna-be-mms-app!

  12. I forgot to say that the major reason my mother jailbroke her iPhone was just to get SwirlyMMS!

  13. cannot find the app in App store, what is the app name?

  14. thanks for help,me at asia side.

  15. you can sign up for a free portugal iTunes account and download the app. It didn’t work for me however

  16. Can we please see a demo/description on how the MMS is actually received? If you have to manually check for new messages, I’d still prefer SwirlyMMS

  17. Sounds great but how to downlad


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