Dashboard for iPhone Preview

Steven Troughton-SmithSteven Troughton-Smith, the developer of Stack and other apps, has recently posted some videos of a hack for the iPhone called Dashboard for the iPhone. Looks pretty sweet! Right now he’s only shown a clock and sticky note widgets. The Dashboard appears when you tap the home button once from the springboard (home screen). Just tap the home screen again for them to disappear. Not sure how this affects the short cut that jumps you to the first home screen when you are on other home screens. The effects are pretty nice (see videos below).

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  1. Looks like it could be fun. Depending on what applications and dashboard items form a real Mac can be added. I can’t wait.

  2. I wonder if he’s gonna release it or is it gonna be like Stack 2.2…just a teaser?

    • Im thinking teaser since he is just trying to get attention now. BTW this kinda disproves his “I don’t have spare time cause people pirate my apps” excuse.

  3. Shame I guess it won’t work with quick gold :(

  4. I can’t see any keyboard while typing… Uh ?

  5. This looks good. My concern is the overuse of the Home button. I’m already using it for Quickgold and Backgrounder.

    Instead of the Home button, why not use a long press of the statys bar.

    Jacob. the reason you can’t see the keyboard is that the video is made using the SDK for keyboard input.

    Once used for real the keyboard will, of course, take up a lot of screen over the widgets.

  6. That’s because this is being run from the SDK :. the developer is typing on his keyboard simulating typing on the iPhone

  7. Really… I mean, this developer has the time to make these apps but he can’t make things like Stacks?

    Oh, and there have been a ton of previews you guys have been giving us. When will things like Spinboard be released?

  8. Can anyone tell me how these video’s are created, is it a emulator for the code on the pc or is it more like the vnc app ?

  9. I doubt he’ll release it. He stopped releasing Stacks because of all the pirating going on on his app store apps. My guess, is that at this point he is doing this for his own amusement.
    I support him, though. He can’t very well keep losing business on the app store and then support the “system” ( jailbreaking ) which is allowing the piracy.
    It’s sad, but at some point people are going to realize that piracy hurts the developers ( small ones even more ) and they will simply stop making cool apps.

    • So your saying that a company should stop making applications for your desktop just because there is a fraction of the user group pirating the application paid applications?

      Plus there has been piracy on pc’s and macs ever since they were first released and the last time I checked there are still really great quality applications still being made.

      Tons of people pirate photoshop but I notice that adobe keeps pumping it out and making it better everytime. This holds true with other applications as well “even ones by small devs” and they are still being made.

      Besides who solely relys on a iphone application to live? It seems like a bad gamble in the first place considering that every application usually has around 20 competitors.

      Besides the last time I checked the dev team and saurik develop free applications all the time, but yet they manage to get by.

    • If you want to make free applications, it means that you have other means of making money and you do that because you want to. That’s great. But some people want to make money with the applications they make – and they should be able to do that. Software is not made to be free – it’s as hard work as anything else.

      It IS actually possible to make money with iphone apps. I know a few people that are doing so and yes, piracy hurts small developers more.

      Adobe charges a lot of money for their apps, and most companies that make money with adobe’s software are more than happy to pay for it.
      I have a small shop – and the adobe suit pays for itself with a 16th a job. It’s mostly individuals that pirate software – and that is probably not the kind of person that would be able to afford it anyway. An iphone app is priced low – you can’t really say you make up for piracy by the apps that you do sell.

      If what you say were true, or becomes true ( “Besides who solely relys on a iphone application to live? It seems like a bad gamble …” ) then we’ll never see more great apps coming to the iphone – because it’s not worth it. Enjoy more flash lights and fart apps.

      You can try to spin it any way you want. But piracy is stealing and it hurts the makers of the software. There is no way around that fact.
      ( And I’m not a prude in that respect – if there is no demo for an app, I think piracy is a necessary way to try something before you buy ) The consequences are what we start to see now with Stacks – it won’t get updated or released, because the developer now needs to spend his time doing something else to make money and isn’t sure he wants to support a platform that took money away from him. I think that’s fair. ( I do hope he changes his mind )

      I’m glad there are many people that still make great free software. But I’m also sad for all the great people we lose to piracy.

    • I agree with you.
      I don’t see the point in piracying shareware that on the majority of times costs below € 10.
      I understand if you’d pirate a program that you only use for your fun or for study, on your computer, from time to time, or that are set at a very high price (good idea to use it to test apps that has no demo and a high cost…), but you often do spend more for a soft drink, and most of the apps I purchased on my iPhone (from Appstore, Cydia or Rock) cost less than an ice cream.

      It is like piracing some music that some guys next your door is doing in his garage with friends and selling to independent or small house for € 5 each CD so that he could pay pizza and disco at saturday, fuel the motorbike or buy a better computer to create new apps and also to show his talents to the scene around.
      I found it to be something in between non-sense and idiot.

  10. it wont work for me

  11. it look like a fake.when he print some letter in the note ,even no keyboard ,so how can he do that?

  12. I doubt this will ever get released. Steve has reputation for not releasing things. Either not releasing them at all, or over vast amounts of time.
    Maybe he’ll release it in…oh…6 months?

  13. So , we can imag it must be a background program ,and more wieget,more rom.

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