Cydia Store Now Open!

CydiaAfter a long night, the Cydia Store is now open! Just to clear some things up, the Cydia Store is not a different application. It’s just an update to the current Cydia App. For those of you who do not know what I’m talking about, you will need to jailbreak your iPhone to get Cydia. It was also expected to be released last night but took a little longer than expected. Here’s some of the updates from the developer through the night and this morning that give out more details:

saurik: @TekkDave The Cydia Store will support PayPal, but not until next week: initially I’m using Amazon Payments. (Many people want/need PayPal.)

saurik: >@micaheljcaboose Yeah, when I say "late" I really mean it: while it /is/ technically Saturday here I tend to say I live on Japanese time. ;P

saurik: @Iphonegig While I doubt most themes will be charged for I know a few large design houses wanted to do really professional themes for money.

saurik: @hotcereal If this isn’t released in another hour and a half (5AM PST) I’m going to be super sad. Really, I want even much sooner than that.

saurik: @blued888 No, I suck :(. I am still working on it, and it’s even after 5AM. I am trying to move everything to production, and ran into pain.

saurik: @fusenuk The first package I am selling is DRM-free. I intend to work with the existing commercial applications to handle their current DRM.

saurik: @stewling This is an upgrade to Cydia, both client and website, to support payment processing. This actually /helps/ the case against Apple.

saurik: @blackforce I just rushed the completion of Google Login support (I was just going with Facebook) as too many people hate Facebook. :( Soon!

saurik: @DoGudSound This release is actually going to support both. When I release comments/ratings the non-Facebook experience will be non-awesome.

saurik: @Steaps Comments and ratings will be out soon: I just want to think through scalability one more time (I don’t want it to kill payments ;P).

saurik: @Jglaus The Cydia Store is a feature of the new Cydia. If you don’t have Cydia yet, you will need to use QuickPwn.

saurik: @PwnZone I have a schedule set for the first few weeks, in order of difficulty, as I add features. After that, users will be able to submit.

saurik: @geowarrior I am going to work on PayPal support for next week. (I did Amazon first as PayPal has a worse experience and is more expensive.)

Purchasing an app was pretty easy. I just had to sign in with either Facebook Connect or your Google account. I also had to sign into my Amazon account for payment (paypal coming soon). Once both of those are set up it was really easy. Here’s some screenshots of the process:

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  1. i didn’t have the option for security limit, it was already set to $1
    and i did not see a payment status.

  2. I chose the pay $1 now option, not the pay $1 now and keep info on file

  3. What that means? Are we going to pay for Cydia applications that we used to get for free ?????

  4. just got cyntact..awesome

  5. Beannbag says

    Do I hear someone syaing illegal

  6. I bought cyntact too is really cool

  7. well i just wanted to say that im not very happy with what saurik is doing i ean the point of having cydia was having a free alternative to the appstore but now with he cydia store out every devoloper will want to make money out of his app so i say that it should stay free

    • Hey Saurik busted his butt the last few years to host apps at no cost to you. If you think giving a buck to him or other developers to help offset their expenses of providing you a free service is too much money, maybe you should give back your Iphone since you shell out more than a buck a month for the service.

    • Let me hear you saying that when you intend to pay for every theme you want to try.

    • The apps and themes that I like I either pay for them or I donate to the developer. I work in sales so I know what it’s like to bust your butt for nothing.

  8. I wish Saurik the best of luck…. Especially against APPLE

  9. cyntact is worth $1 of anyones mony – great job

  10. Cydia is not just for free stuff it’s also got alot of apps apple won’t aprove of.

  11. bluedrpepper says

    What happens when Apple puts out an update are the paid apps recoverable? If it comes down to paying I’ll stick with Apple because jailbraking to me is ok but has problems at times.

  12. As far as Cyntact it’s not something I would really use because I don’t have a whole bunch of pics of my contacts. I guess I could go download them but it’s not that big a deal for me. That being said I would love to give a buck to Jay. I don’t need/want Cyntact but I’ve gotten WAY more than $1 worth out of Cydia. From what I can tell the Cydia Store is just an alternative to the app store for developers that were turned down by apple. Cydia and most of it’s content will still be available to all of us for the most part at no charge. Am I correct?

  13. I don’t need the cycontact but I bought it anyway because the app that I get from Cydia is worth a lot more. Goodluck Saurik!!!

  14. What do you guys think what will Apple think when Cydia starts making some decent change? I don’t think Apple has been worrying a lot about the jailbreak community. If they start to take away revenue from Apple then it might be war.

  15. Can you guys post pics of Cyncontact? I think I get the idea but just want to see how much more room the pictures take up

    • yeah, we intend to do a review, just gotta prepare for baby delivery tomorrow :)

    • I think it’s a great idea. I’ve only had a jailbroken Ipod Touch for a few weeks now and I’ve come to love Cydia and everything it allows me to do. Some of the developers put many hours into their apps, you can bet with Cydia Store there will be a lot more useful and functional apps since these guys will actually be able to get something more from their work than just a pat on the back. Some people need to think of the reasoning behind these things instead of trying to get everything for nothing.

  16. Guy, I don’t mind that we pay for some stuff for the Cydia Store as they have provided us with lots of applications at the time the Appstore didn’t aprove it..
    But My problem is that I need them to get another method of payment as PayPal is Not available where I live (Cairo, Egypt), my country is not listed.. What Would I do??

  17. I really enjoy blogs like this, since I am a blog addict I will visit again soon.

  18. cydia is a waste of time and can break your ipod DONT DO IT!!!!!!!

  19. I want to get cydia but first must I have credit card ? Tell me how to get it, pls Thanks

  20. ty

  21. Cydia

  22. cool2004viper says

    hey i jailbroke my itouch and i did not get the cydia that everybody say u would get after u jailbroke ur ipod so can anybody tell me what i did or it wont work with a ipod touch 4th generation 4.2.1

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