Video: Bluetooth Keyboard Working on the iPhone

##ICON_NAME##Just saw this over at and thought I’d share it with you. This would be pretty sweet although I don’t think I’d use such a big bluetooth keyboard :) No word on when it will be released.

On a side note, you won’t really need a bluetooth keyboard if this is ever released:


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  1. nice 1,
    i hope it ll work with a laser keyboard like:

  2. Funny, I don’t see a bluetooth icon in the corner up there. Something like this could easily be done (and I’m guessing it is) with VNC.

  3. …just noticed that it is in airplane mode, so perhaps this is real. I retract my seed of doubt.

  4. mattyb123 says

    I want MacBook Touch :D

  5. wow fail this is just using VNC
    the bluetooth on the phone isnt even on
    idk how you could fall for this

    • drsgfire says

      Do you not read the posts before making one? Kirk clearly points out that the data silent mode is on. Therefore no wifi or edge transmissions. This could very-well be real. It’s not like there aren’t dev’s out there that haven’t already accomplished this.

  6. Cooltill says

    I hope to know it is possible to use bluetooth keyboard with 2g jb touch if 2g touch Bluetooth would be unlocked

    ps. Sorry about my poor English ;)

  7. i reckon this is fake… think about it you put it in airplane mode, use winterboard to change wifi bars to clear and use VNC? it would work just fine…

  8. This video doesn’t look real. For one, there is no bluetooth icon in the status bar. He could just be using Veency (excluding the icon in the status bar, which you can disable). So, I think this is fake.

  9. Hilarious! Even if the video is fake (which it is), the creator could have attempted to put a dummy BT icon!!

  10. Kevin Krause says

    If apple would do this….and we know they can. They would sell a “load” of bluetooth keyboards (the small bluetooth). I many times don’t even travel with a laptop anymore. But hate writing long e-mails. This would be a great option.

  11. i dont think its real but we will c eventually