QuickFreedom – iPod Touch 2nd Generation Untethered Jailbreak Tutorial

Ok, so we’ve been busy for a few days but we’re home from the hospital and I just received a tweet that a friend of a friend just jailbroke his iPod Touch 2nd Gen using this guide without tethering! How sweet is that! So props goes to @sethreineke for sending me the tweet and @ericjd for testing it out. I’ve also checked online and haven’t found any risk or problems with this app. This guide only works with windows. Let us know if you have a Mac solution.

NOTE: Untethered means you do not have to have the cable hooked to your iPod and computer. The previous test versions required this but is no longer needed!

Application Link
Guide Link


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  1. Please check IPHONE DEV Blog as they spell out how to jail break the 2nd gen IPOD Touch.

  2. Joe Bloggs says
  3. quick and easy jailbreak, worked thanks for guide.

  4. I tried Quickfreedom and have some exp to share. I am using vista. At first QF won’t create the custom firmware, then I moved the downloaded original firmware file from desktop folder to my E: drive, also my custom logo file. Run QF under Admin account. It works!

    • neophyte says

      how do i change the location of the custom logo file

    • wrestlerywatt says

      Alanxm, I put the original firmware into my E: drive and it still says error when I try to create firmware. Any solutions? Please Help

  5. Rocker8228 says

    will doing this delete all my music, game saves etc. off my ipod?

    • No, iTunes will justt resync them , remember to do a full restore 1st and dont let anything sync to it. 

    • of course yes it will delete evrything even d settings cause u restore it afterwards it will sync again

  6. My LIBUSB is not checked. I clicked on install LIBUSB, bit nothing happened. I went to another website to download LUBUSB then ran under my Vista. I froze my keyboard and mouse even after I reboot several times. I was forced to use installation CD to recover the Windows… Can anyone help?

    • Well I’m sorry to tell u but u have now got a messed up computer! I installed libusb and all my USB ports froze. I restarted my computer but nothing. After hours of messing around I had to get someone to fix it which set me back €110!!! You will have to either be very good on computers to fix it or pay someone! The guy I payed took 2 hours to fix it!! WHEN U INSTALL LIBUSB ALL USB PORTS FREEZE AND GO MAD! THIS IS NORMAL! DO NOT RESTART UR COMPUTER! LET IT FINISH INSTALLING!!!!

    • yeah, happened 2 me also  had 2 uninstall LIBUSB… good luck with that…

    • I used quickfreedom and my mouse, keyboard, and all my other usb ports stopped working. Please help me email me at josh_mdly@yahoo.com
      Thank you!!

  7. It says 2.2.1 firmware not found, and it’s sitting on my desktop. I give up. I’ve been trying to do this for 12 hours – Mac and PC

    • try putting it on another folder

    • Finally, after hours, it recognized the firmware, then two things happened. The create firmware button leads to an error message, so the process ends, and iTunes will not see my iPod Touch. I’ve now gone back to the Mac side, where I belong, to try it that way, without the benefit of QuickFreedom. Here’s what I think. The Dev Team should have released nothing until they had quickpwn ready. I’ve jailbroken 10 or 15 iPhones. This is not for the average person. Even with QuickFreedom.

    • I give up. I spent an hour going through the painful steps for a Mac, only to discover that the firmware files I keep downloading are folders and not the firmware icon needed to perform this.

      What a nightmare.

    • ipwnedmyipod says

      try many times but its real hard to find,but after you find it works perfect

    • use Firefox to download files

  8. Soulsurfer says

    I’m receiving an “error” message in itunes on the last step of the process? It seems that iTunes will not allow me to install the “custom firmware” created? Any thoughts? Thanks

    • You didn’t enter DFU mode or you need to press shift then click restore in itune then choose your custom firmware

  9. hi uum i wanna jailbreak my ipod touch but im very new to this.. is there any tip that u can give me for it like oh do i have to restore the itouch then jailbreak it or,,,, not. plz give me some tip….and is jailbreaking it illegal?

  10. Mike ZAPPA says

    All set. Took about 20 minutes. Extremely easy and weird! I have Cydia on my Ipod! Awesome….

  11. Ok have a question if I jailbreak it n then later on Something happen to it cab I ship it back for apple to fix it. Cuz I jail break it…will the apple care cover it….

    • No, once you jailbreak the ipod, the warranty is gone. you will have to pay to have it fixed

  12. tysiphonehelp made a mac tool if you want to put that in your original post Brooke

  13. more than 1 day stay in the hospital? did you have a c-section? I’m sorry if you did. Recent studies show that Labor is important for the development of your baby. I hope you labor before your next c-section ifyou have another.

  14. Hi, I used the jailbreak process from QuickFreedom, but after the whole thing was finished (i was able to restore my iPod and use the custom firmware), but afterwards this showed on my iTunes: “An iPod has been previously synced with this computer.”

    Then it gave me two options, whether to name it as a new iPod, or to restore it.
    I chose the second one and it’s currently restoring right now.

    Did I choose the right option, or should I have just made iTunes recognize it as a new iPod? does this mean the custom firmware will be erased altogether and replaced with the one on my backup restore file?

    • should of made it recognize it as a new ipod!! dunno how much restoring its gonna help you have a jailbroken ipod and plus now you just wasted your time :)

  15. ipwnedmyipod says

    I did took me a little wihle to find the original 2.2.1 file but when i did it worked awesome,tryd redsnow,sucked bad,but this is great.

  16. SKITSOfranic says

    if u have vista and are experiencing the LIBUSB problem of having your usb port lock you out all you have to do is run it in windows xp compatability mode as admin if you have already been locked out of your usb port just uninstall the program and restart ur computer also the dfu mode is a lil tricky to get into because if it not done right your ipod will go into recovery mode and u will b unable to jail break it hit me up on my email address if u have any question ill try my best to help u out

    • subliminal says

      When I installed quick freedom then went to install libusb it said I was running 64-bit vista then it gave me all these instructions which resulted in me having to recover my computer. Advice?

  17. I cannot turn on my ipod touch 2g after untethered Jailbreak .
    What can I solve this problem?
    Actually, I can use my ipod and it was normal before I have turned it off.

  18. How can I solve this problem?

    • make sure you plug it into itunes again
      look on the left hand side see if it recognizes the ipod then hit restore!! should work i had this problem wit a few of my first generation ipods restore it to 2.2.1 and start over BINGO!!! its done !

  19. well i think if you are mentally challenged you will have problems those of you having problems are having an error between the brain and the ears… if you slowly take 4-10 min to watch a few videos and follow instructions you will be fine i suggest a quick ritilin pill and then relaxing for an hour and trying again im 11 and i figured this out..
    the hardest thing of all of this is to put it into dfu mode lol which they give you complete instructions to do this is for the simple minded and if you are too simple for this then we got problems in huston!!

  20. I Googled the usual, e.g. “Jailbreak 2 Gen Ipod touch”, as I have periodically since November of last year. I expected the stupid tethered options as usual, until I found this website today! I was stupefied.

    I don’t know what you people are doing to have problems with this. I did it pretty much blind, sans the guide, since homeboy’s website has been traffic-raped. I only read T.F.Instructions that popped up in the actual QuickFreedom application.

    And you know what? Worked the first time.

  21. I’ve used quick freedom a couple times now and I was happy with it until I bricked my Ipod touch. I recomment that anyone here that is waiting to use it, wait till the Dev team does a quick pwn with redsn0w. It is restorable after the brick, but is frustating trying to fix the problem.

  22. If I jail break it is there any way to reverse that process. To get unjailbroken iPod

  23. seasquirt says

    Despite LIBUSB un-installing all of my drivers, I was successfully able to use this to jailbreak my second gen Touch using windows 7.

  24. raltyinferno says

    Will I be able to install the OS 3.0 when it comes out if I do this? Because If I can’t then I don’t think I want to do this

  25. I installed quickfreedom, when I oppened it a message appeard saying something about an update, I just didn’t care. did I nedded to downloaded?? cos now there’s an error message that says: original 2.2.1 firmware not found…. what should I do??

  26. Hello my brother works in apple and he actuelly knows everything in ipod touch 2g and every iphone and he actuelly jailbroke my ipod touch 2g in 20 minutes on timer without even making a custom firmware and untethered.

    Apple works hardly and iphone dev team hardly works. :P

  27. A couple of tips

    1. If you have van x64 version of windows try to find a computer with 32bit version… Its much easier and you wont stuff up your usb like i did.

    2.Download the firmware using the program. Its easier

    3. Remember to create custom firmware in the second step.

    4. When trying to get into DFU mode after turing off the ipod or iphone press the power button first and then the home button while keeping them both pressed down. Then release the power button like it says. Also theres no need to take out the cable like it says.

  28. It keeps giving me error creating firmware how do i fix this?

    • when it says error, make sure the checkbox, “already jailbroken”, isn’t checked. if that doesn’t work then..idk.

  29. What would happen if I jailbroke my iPod on a friends computer, then recharged/synced it with my own computer. My friend is a total computer guru and I trust him, so I would rather jailbreak it on his computer. Will this cause any problems?

  30. it stops restoring my ipod after 10 minutes and tells me error 1603 or 1604 what should do?

  31. i jailbroke my ipod 2gen but i cant put ipod apps on. it just says the app cant be verified. any help??

  32. the custom fireware worked and everything, its just that my music or anything won’t sync! what do i do?

  33. DilutedSanity says

    everything worked fine but now when I install apps they don’t show up on the springboard? I have tried installing respring that dosn’t work I have boss apps installed and the installed apps show up in poof but not on springboard ? frustrating!!! any ideas

  34. running as admin and keep getting error creating firm ware.
    how do i correct this?

  35. I got a question can I turn my iPod touch 2g off and on again without losing stuf or ether not to be able to turn it on.

  36. when i did this at the last step it said preparing to restore but then stoped and i left it there when i came back the message said itunes could not restore ipod the only thing i might have done wrong was close quik freedome when i did the itunes thing the ipod has a blank screen and i had to reinstall official firmware

  37. lonewolf110885 says

    when i get to the create custom firmware part it says error creating firmware can some1 help me please i am on aim if it makes it easier to explain paintball8902 thanks

  38. Hi im 15 year old cody and my dad doesnt let me use his comp so i sneak on wen he leaves but wen me trying to install lib usb da mouse froze and keyboard and i dont know how to fix it cuz i tried re plugging in the devives but didnt work and i dont know dads pass word so wen i restarted comp i cant get back on to uninstall lib usb and this happened 2 wice and my dad fixed it some how but didnt suspect me thank god but its like the actual trackpad on da laptop works but not mouse usb or keybord usb but laptop does but i need a way to hack dads pass or a way to find out it wenmy dad is logged in and i go in his room to get on comp well please help me. Thanks

  39. Hey, so what you can try is when you computer first starts up, there will be a black screen, try pushing one of the buttons to get Safe Mode running, you shouldn’t need a password or anything. The fonts and curser will look a lot different, thats ok because you’re not using the normal part of the computer, only a fraction. Then simple go to your control panel and add or remove programs. Then click on install lib usb and unistall. Also, go to TysiPhoneHelp.com or go underneath his profile on youtube. He know the best ways to unlock, jailbreak, and do much more with iphones and ipod touchs, use the links he gives you to download the matterial because its always trustworthy. Also, iTouchiPodz is very much like Ty, so you should check him out too, but I don’t think his website is up yet. Try looking around for the password, in notebooks by the PC or were he hides things because he should have it written down somewere, or try his birthday, anniversary, or anything important to him. Hope this all helped!

  40. quickfreedom worked last week perfectly but now when i click on it, a box pops up saying>

    run time error 55

    file already open

    i keep on trying to click on it but when i do this box pops up

    any suggestions?

  41. i am new to all this i have installed everything i need when im on step 2 do i need to create a firmware how do i do this plz help thankyou

  42. i need to jailbreak

  43. ok…..i wanna jailbreak my i pod 2nd gen but im 2 dumb to figure out how to………………. any suggestions