Testing Firmware 3.0

AppleI just started testing firmware 3.0 tonight and I thought I’d share what I’ve noticed so far. I upgraded straight from a jailbroken 2.2 firmware. First, a few things stuck around like my carrier logo. I used MakeItMine to change it from AT&T to ahhyeah and it stuck. Another weird thing is the battery percentage shows up near my battery level. I used to have a hack that made it switch to numbers when tapped on, but now it is next to it and it has a % sign that wasn’t there before. Another huge thing for me was the Emoji keyboard. I was sad I was going to have to go without it, but it stayed too.


All of my personal info stayed so I didn’t lose any messages, notes, etc. Speaking of Messages, that’s the new SMS/Text app, I can’t get MMS (picture messages) yet until I talk with AT&T. I can, however, rotate the entire app. I was thinking it would just be the keyboard but it’s actually the whole app.

landscape-messages landscape-notes

There are a lot more sweet things to share but I’m gonna write each feature up as it’s own article. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything you have questions about.

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  1. I was wondering about the rotation thing..YES!!!

  2. 3.0 is looking pretty interesting so far. Did all your apps stay with the update?

    I wish I could get my hands on 3.0. I’m a developer, but I haven’t paid my $99 yet.

  3. iLove my iPhone says

    can you comment on the ability to set the alarm sound to ipod. they spoke in the keynote that a new api was to allow developers full access to the ipod library. does that mean that apple has finally included that library in their clock/alarm app and if so, is it there, b/c im dying for an alarm app that allows this that doesnt have to remain on due to app store current laws and rules. thanks

  4. i realize this is an iphone, but have you heard anywhere if 3.0 will enable street view on the ipod touch? that feature was left out of the last ipt update, which annoys me…

  5. what r u using to make the battery view in numerical form?

  6. How to update to 3.0? try using itunes it show 2.21 is the latest.

    • you have to wait till summer. only people in the apple developer program have access to 3.0 right now, it costs $99 a year.

    • It’s all over bittorent. I had it the day they announced 3.0. I just haven’t updated it because I want to still be able to jailbreak it. And once you upgrade it you can’t go back.

    • It may be over bittorrent, but you need to be a registered developer to have the firmware activated. Without being a developer and ur device registered as a developer device you won’t be able to see anything besides the emergency screen.

    • If you have a 2G iPhone Unlocked and Jailbroken you can download the torrent and upgrade without being a registered developer.

  7. What r the new languages and new keyboards. I remember them saying new languages!

  8. I had the same thing happen to me.

    I have 3.0 beta on my iPhone, and I had my customized MIM carrier name and the percentage next to the battery icon.

    I do want to know what AT&T says about MMS, because I want to start using mine if I’m able to do so without paying anymore.

    Let us know what happens when you talk to AT&T regarding MMS.

  9. Love the new website!!!!!!!

  10. when the mms becomes available, will AT&T customers have to adjust our plan to add it? will it cost more or would it be part of the data package?

    • Dustin James says

      As an employee of AT&T, I do not know if you will have to have your plan adjusted. I do know that all you need is texting. Wether pay per use or a plan.

  11. Doug, will ill still be able to use ibluetooth on the 3.0 jailbroken?

  12. I’m wondering whats up with the very annoying Accessory Connected screen. It shows up when you dock your iPhone to a a car audio system, like Dension… and you are unable to control the iPod function :/
    Do you have any info about this?

    • I’m having the same problem. I was able to control my ipod with it’s interface, but ever since I upgraded to 3.0 I can’t access my ipod anymore by holding down the hold button. It just stays at the Accessory Connected screen. Hopefully there is a fix soon.

  13. You say you used Make it Mine. That means this is a jailbroken phone. How did you jailbreak 3.0? How come I’m the only one who noticed that?

  14. pineappleshow says

    @ Doug

    Is it really worth uprgrading right now? What is interesting me how buggy is 3.0 beta? Can u use it like an every day phone, or is it even slow than a jailbroke phone?

    • So far not too buggy. I miss my jailbreaks for sure! There are some glitches here and there but it’s not bad.

    • pineappleshow says

      I have very itchy fingers… I would really like to upgrade my 3G to the 3.0 beta, but is it worth paying the 99$ or would you say the bugs turn down the fun of using it on a daily basis? Thanks for the advice!

    • pineappleshow says

      Hey I was wondering weather you guys could put up a tutorial on how to OFFICIALLY ;-) download and install the 3.0 beta (on a mac of corse).

      Thanks great website btw :-)

  15. It seems that the settings for carrier logo and battery indicator (percentage/clock) are saved along with the standard apple backup. I gave up trying to upgrade my iPod Touch to a Jailbroken form of the latest firmware so just reinstalled fresh but found that when restoring my backup it restored both my percentage style battery indicator and my personalised carrier logo. In fact it also kept invisible all of the icons that I had hidden using poof as well. That was a bit of a nuisance because to get half my apps back I had to start fresh which meant losing all my information and saved games. Ah well… Anyway this clearly also occurs with 3.0 too.

  16. During the video presentation the guy said that he had hundreds of apps in his iphone so is there more than 9 pages available in the 3.0 version ? or do we still have to rely on categories ? he said this when he was talking about the new search page. Well i hope that we dont have to use categories anymore or that the guys who develop categories make it more reliable in 3.0, thanks for all your answers…

    • it is already possible u can have 16 apps per page and there are 9 pages-8 of which u can use for apps so 18×16 is 108

  17. Doug: have you updated a 2G or a 3G phone? How did you managed the activation? Are you a registered developer?

  18. I also have the beta firmware, and I also CANT USE MMS!!!!! What do you mean you need to talk to AT&T?

  19. how does the meebo native app work in comparison to somethin like bejive im?

    • Just because we have access to the beta firmware, doesn’t mean that we have access to everyone’s apps. None of the 3.0 apps demoed have been released (because they still can’t be accepted in iTunes Connect.) So, there is no way to know how Meebo’s (or anyone elses) 3.0 app is.

    • so its not a app that will come with the 3.0 upgrade? i must have read the new features wrong, thanks

    • Correct, that was just a demo of a future app. On a side note, we are open to testing apps for developers that are 3.0. Just contact us at the contact link above.

  20. I’ve taken the plunge and through a developer got 3.0 on my 2g iPhone and I have to say that I am very dissapointed that the mms and Bluetooth apps have been missed out. I see the mms option when trying to share a contact but it only comes through as a text message saying business card. Do you know anything about this tragedy?

    • They said at the meeting that those two technologies wouldn’t be available for the 1st gen iPhone due to hardware limitations.

  21. First off I might say I’m glad Apple hasn’t released 3.0 to the public. So far after having it on the day of release I’m pretty pleased but I’m shocked how buggy it is.

    Often if I’m typing an SMS in landscape and go to portrait and everything rotates except for the keyboard.

    Everytime I make a phone call, play music, record a voice memo, or send an SMS, the phone changes the ringer and ipod volume.

    The keyboard is laggy and sometimes kills the app.

    Spotlight sometimes doesn’t search.

    There are more bugs including some bad UI in the Messages app.

    My conclusion is that if you use your iPhone heavily for some purpose don’t upgrade until the public version is out.

    If you are a silly jail breaker who doesn’t mind a few bugs go ahead and upgrade (with a DEV account of course)

  22. How is Spotlight working for you?

    • It works great. There is a slight delay when loading the mail/calendar info. This may be because I use iMap and Exchange with Google.

  23. how speedy / snappy is the 3.0 firmware? Would you recon me to install the firmware for standard use? (I love new features :P)

  24. two things:

    Can you send and receive (accept/decline) ical invites?

    And does the weather icon update periodically to your location?

    Thanks for such a great site…

  25. John Barrack says

    This carrier logo and battery meter thing happened to me when I updated last january to 1.3. If you dont restore from a back-up it will fix this problem. If you restore from the current back-up you are using it will always have that carrier logo and the battery meter.

    • I didn’t restore, I upgraded. That’s probably why it stayed. But I agree, you’re right, that happened to us before when restoring a backup.

  26. I now they said sometime in summer but do you know when ?

  27. Here’s my story. I installed 3.0 and it locked my phone to another carrier. I spoke to Dev Center Support, who happen to be in Scotland, and they were no help at all. All they could say was that they couldn’t understand why, and oh well.

    • Are you a developer? Or did you just torrent the firmware?

    • Developer. Apple has no solution. I’m in Canada. For anyone who doesn’t know, Canada has two GSM carriers, Fido and Rogers Wireless. My Fido iPhone was locked to Rogers via the upgrade.

  28. Oh, My question got answered, great!

  29. hi i have a question..i have a iphone 3g 2.2 firmware 02.28.00, if i get the firmware 3.0 will i be able to unluck my iphone?? cus i have it with tmobile..

  30. “I used to have a hack that made it switch to numbers when tapped on.”

    When tapped on? Please, what was the name of the hack? That would be cool!

  31. Does anyone know if the apple in-ear headphones are compatible with the FW 3.0 iphone 3G?