Jailbreak 3.0 Beta 2

quickpwnIf you’re looking to jailbreak your 3.0 firmware there is an option out there. It only works for PCs right now because it uses quickpwn. It also doesn’t install Cydia, but RipDev’s Icy. I’m gonna test it out and let you know how it goes. If anyone else has tried it, let us know. Here’s a quote from quickpwn.com:

You can only jailbreak on the iPhone 3.0 Beta 2, iPhone 3G 3.0 beta 2, and iPod Touch 1st Gen beta 3.0. It’s 3.2 MB only because it install’s RiPDev’s Icy program. Once you’ve jailbroken you need to open Icy, refresh all the sources and install OpenSSH to jailbreak.

You can download quickpwn here: http://quickpwn2-2-1.googlecode.com/files/QuickPWN-30-beta2.zip

You can also read the Dev Teams comments about the jailbreak here: http://blog.iphone-dev.org/ Here are the main reasons they haven’t released a jailbreak:

1. We don’t want to have to release a new version of PwnageTool and QuickPwn for every beta release. Last time around during the 2.0 beta period, there were nine (9!) Apple releases, spaced within a few weeks of each other.
2. There are unresolved problems that we’re still working on. It’s currently impossible to get the 3.0 firmware to talk to baseband 02.28 where yellowsn0w lives, for instance.
3. We don’t want to have to support everyone who wants to back down from the betas…because the betas are, well, buggy.
4. It’s silly to play cat&mouse with Apple during a beta period, when relatively few people are willing to actually use the beta software in their everyday lives. There are ways Apple can tighten the screws, and we’d rather not burn methods just for a beta release.


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  1. I have been using 3.0 beta 2 with jailbreak since last Thursday and it works great. The only jailbreak app im currently using is UW: DrugLords.

  2. hmm…
    Where can i get the 3.0 Beta 2 Firmware for my iPod Touch 1G?

  3. Worked for me but the only app I have installed is underworld druglords

  4. MICHELlota says

    that work just great i love it so fast and so much better than 2.2.1 finally i can use my iphone propely!!!!!!

  5. The Jailbreak works really well. It actually installs a program called ICY. Which is basically the same as Cydia. As a matter of fact. I actually prefer using ICY, It seems to be more responsive and easier to use than Cydia.

    Word of warning…..This will only jail break your Iphone, It will not allow you to use the new firmware to make calls unless you are in the dev program.

    And if you have your UDID registered then do not select activate or you will not get a signal either.

    • Michel Lota says

      Thats right if ur not UDID register do not select activate…..no signal at all,i made that mistake and had to jailbreak again….now everything work fine and ICY…..very good.

    • Emanuele says

      so I have to install iphone 3.0 then 3.0 beta 2 and jailbroke it.
      After, without activate dev UDID, I can use it regularly ?
      Thanks indeed

    • Nope you can install any version ofthe beta 3, But you will not get a signal unless you have your UDID registered with a DEV.

  6. Michel Lota says

    i cant found anything on Icy when i installed a theme i dont know where to found it???there is no winterboard…my theme is store and installed but cant find it anywhere???
    Anyone can help me……Please

  7. Michel Lota says

    Got winterboard!!!!but nothing seem working it doesnt respring ur springboard at all…….what can i do???

  8. I have an iPohne 1G. Can this QuickPwn unlock it as well?

  9. zachdrago says

    i’m attempting this- but quickpwn will not open on my windows pc. when i double click to open it it instantly says, “QuikPwn has stopped working” i’ve tried re-downloading it.. does anyone know why? thanks

    • zachdrago says

      i didn’t realize that you must have iTunes installed on the same computer that you’ll be using QuickPwn on..

  10. I have got the firmware 3.0 ipsw.
    Pls explain how to upgrade to 3.0


    • zachdrago says

      you should make sure that your UDID is registered with the Dev program or you may not be able to activate. But just plug into itunes then and let it find your device. Then, on a MAC hold down option (if on a PC hold down shift) and click restore then find your 3.0 software and choose it.

  11. So how to become UDID user

  12. keikumata1234 says

    I jailbroke the ipod touch 1G 3.0 beta 3 and it was working fine until i downloaded winterboard and cydia (which are both not working). Icy started crashing and i cant download anything! Also when i shut or reboot the ipod it gets stuck in the apple logo and does nothing :(

    Please help! Thanks