Star Guitar – Synthesized Guitar Application

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Star Guitar Star Guitar is a synthesized guitar application. It comes with 23 stock strumming patterns which you can slow down or speed up based on how many BPMs (beats/minute) you have it set at. There are also 3 different types of effects… “Silver” which is an acoustic type sound, “Electro” which is a clean electric guitar sound, and “Jazz” which is similar to “Electro” just with a little more base range. It has the full scale of chords (A-G) except that it’s listed “C,D,E,F,G,A,B” probably because that’s where the scale starts on the piano… who knows? Anyway, you can also choose from a few chord modifications for example: #, b, m(minor), 7th, and Maj(or)/sus4 and you can pile all of these on at the same time if you would like so you could create an “F#m7” or “Am7”<---which for some reason sounds awful btw. You have the option of recording your own songs or song ideas which would be ideal for the singer/song-writer on the fly! Star Guitar also features a metronome which would come in handy if you were not using one of the preset strumming patterns.

That’s the main overview of Star Guitar. Being a guitarist myself I think that this app is not nearly as smooth as playing an actual guitar and that part kind of bugs me. When you are using the preset strum patterns, it has to stay on the chord to the end of the measure and then it switches. It kinda feels like listening to a beginner play guitar where they have to stop and look at the strings before they can continue playing. Also, when you use the hand over the strings or mute function the sound kinda rings out and doesn’t stop right away like you would expect it to do if you were to put your hand on the strings of a real guitar. But overall, it’s a decent app…though, I for one, have trouble seeing the practicality of it unless you’re gonna use it to jot down song ideas for later.

Star Guitar


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