Laundry Pro – Learn More About Taking Care of Your Laundry

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Laundry Pro This application review was done by a guest writer. Tom is not a writer on but, he a friend of Doug’s and is an appliance enthusiast! Below is his review of Laundry Pro.

Laundry Pro is app full of mysterious laundry symbols in which most people don’t even know what they they stand for! In this app, you will find out how to wash your clothes according to the directions on the care tab of your favorite garment. I find it easy to use, just look at your garment tab and tap on the symbol and you will find directions how to wash, dry, and iron.

One suggestion about the directions, it says to start by filling the washer drum with what water it tells you, adding soap, and adding the garments. However, most washers these days work differently compared to 10 years ago. Some of them require adding the soap and the garments to sense how much water and time is needed to wash the clothes therefore, it would not work to fill the drum with water first. It would be sweet if you could choose from options such as High Efficiency Top-loader/Traditional Top-loader to High Efficiency Front- loader…I think that would make the instructions more specific and teach you how to do laundry the right way for your appliance type.

I did find the graphics are very random; when you first open the app the laundry Pro is viewed in bright orange and then takes you to the home page which has a cool metallic background with blue, green and orange icons. I think the app could use more consistency with the colors and design. Not some random bright orange to a metallic color! Other than those things, a helpful application.


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  1. Gosh, this is why I’m starting to not care for the iPhone or Apple anymore. They are letting in all these stupid apps that, well, to me, just seem useless. Why pay $.99 for something I can get for free through the web? I’m just not getting it anymore.

  2. at first, i thought you mean “Guess” writer. like the brand Guess and i went like wow, a person who works at Guess wrote this? hehe. you mean, “guest”? xD