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Nam's RemoteOne of the first apps I downloaded was Apple’s very own Remote app, and though I don’t use it very much, I was definitely impressed with its ease of use and functionality. It was cool to be able to control my iTunes library on my home computer with my phone. With the success of the Remote app, I wondered what else I could control with my iPhone: my T.V, my lights, or my thermostat? With Nam’s Remote, I don’t get to do any of these things, but I do get access to a few interesting features.

Nam’s Remote was pretty easy to set up. You will need to download a separate application for the computer that you intend to control. After adjusting the settings on this app, you then need to establish a connection to your iPhone/iPod. This involves knowing the IP address, but the program helps you find it with ease. Once connected, you then have access to a wide range of functions ranging from using your iPhone as a trackpad (my personal favorite) to using it as a keyboard or controlling other programs on your computer such as PowerPoint and Windows Media Player.

Don’t ever get up from that couch.
The feature that excited me the most was the one that let me use my iPhone as a trackpad for my computer. I recently purchased a Samsung NC-10 netbook (highly recommended!), and its one major flaw is a miniscule trackpad. So, I immediately set up Nam’s Remote to act as a trackpad for my netbook. To my satisfaction, I instantly had a wider space to work with, though this was short-lived (more on that to come). The next feature I tried was the numeric keypad. This was actually pretty cool as I now had a dedicated number pad alongside my little netbook. If I worked a bit more with spreadsheets, I could see this being quite useful. The Finder and Explorer options allow you to have easy access to cut, copy, and paste functions, along with an arrow pad. Finally, I briefly confirmed that remotes for PowerPoint and iPhoto work as advertised. I’m not an avid gamer, so I didn’t check out remotes available such as the steering wheel or gamepad.

Anyone seen the remote?
With such a promising application offering an intriguing array of possibilities, Nam’s Remote has a lot of room for both potential and disappointment. As smooth as the setup was, I experienced numerous crashes with Nam’s Remote, both on my Macbook and on my PC Netbook. After several resets and an uninstall, I got the program to be more stable, but I can’t say that I trust it completely. It seemed that you had to reset or restart the program at least once before stability was achieved. I tried the app on several wireless networks, and didn’t notice too many differences either positive or negative. Since the developer is very young and this seems to be a side project for him, I’m unsure as to how much support or updates there will be for the application. Finally, I’m not sure I see much use for some of the functions. For example, I’m not sure when I’d prefer the keyboard on my iPhone over a full size keyboard.

Nam’s Remote seemed simple at first, but upon closer inspection, the application has the potential to be a huge one-app-fits-all program to controlling several parts of one’s computer wirelessly. With lofty goals and dedicated fixes, the developer has the opportunity to create and market a product that I could see a great demand for. Whether or not this actually happens remains to be seen. Also, the sensitivity of the remotes seemed a bit high on all of them. The mouse cursor would be jumpy, or one press of a button would cause two presses in the program. You could probably adjust your settings if you planned on using Nam’s Remote on a regular basis, though this involves additional legwork during the initial setup stages. At $2.99, I’d currently recommend holding out to see if updates begin streaming in, or else wait for another developer to create a more polished version. If you can’t wait or are just curious, there’s a free version of Nam’s Remote that provides a nice glimpse at the untapped potential of using your iPhone/iPod for so much more than just a phone, camera, and music player.

Nam's Remote


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  1. Hi
    i’m Nam, the developer of this application.
    I collected all the issues over the month and did quite some work on it.
    Next weekend i will submit the update, which includes improvements on the server application and connection. There will be an much more useful AppLauncher and an iTunes integration for browsing your collection in CoverFlow.
    Nervertheless, i want to thank your for your article. If anyone has any suggestions or tips, please post it or use my website or mail me at namsremote @
    What do i need to make Nam’s Remote “product that I could see a great demand for” .


  2. doug knowles says

    Air Mouse – works great connects automatically and work flawlessly. Track Pad, Motion Pointer, Keyboard/keypad. Windows/Mac

  3. Well, there you have it folks. Straight from the developer. An update is on its way. Check out the free version if you want to test things out. This is a cool app that may end up getting even better with the update. Looking forward to the iTunes integration, Nam. Thanks!

  4. wow I#ve bought this App, seeing a video of it on a German iPhone-blog.
    That rules I LOVE playing trackmania with the steering wheel

  5. I use this application It is work smoothly with my smart phone … Great Apps


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