Air Sail

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Air SailOk, I think that games that us the mic to blow into them are brilliant, but they make me light headed so they eventually get annoying. In this game, Air Sail, you blow your little Styrofoam boat around by blowing into the microphone. There is an option to use your finger and just tap on the screen to go but blowing is much more sensitive and easier to control. You just tilt left and right to steer, which is also easy to control. The graphics are pretty good and the way the screen zooms in and out based on your speed is a nice touch. A major feature is the ability to play multiplayer on a wifi network. Works great!

I can’t see myself buying this app but mostly because it’s not my style. The levels also seem to get hard pretty fast, but maybe that’s just me since I was so dizzy :) I think it would be much more fun if I was younger. Overall, it’s a well designed game and runs well.


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  1. I’m not very good at this game! lol

  2. sounds lime it would get me tired, all that blowing.