Kids and iPads [videos]

bonkThis first video recently became popular mainly because the little girl asks where the app is that takes pictures when she first starts using the new iPad (which the iPad lacks). She has most likely used an iPhone or iPod touch before so she knows what she’s doing. I went looking and found a few more videos of kids testing out the new iPad. Most seem to pick it up pretty quick and they all seem to love the drawing apps. We’ll have to post a video of our kids testing out the new iPad once we pick one up.


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Air Sail

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Air SailOk, I think that games that us the mic to blow into them are brilliant, but they make me light headed so they eventually get annoying. In this game, Air Sail, you blow your little Styrofoam boat around by blowing into the microphone. There is an option to use your finger and just tap on the screen to go but blowing is much more sensitive and easier to control. You just tilt left and right to steer, which is also easy to control. The graphics are pretty good and the way the screen zooms in and out based on your speed is a nice touch. A major feature is the ability to play multiplayer on a wifi network. Works great! [Read more…]