Swine Flu Tracker

Available In: App Store       Price: Coming Soon  

Swine Flu Tracker Doug sent me this article over the week-end so, many of you may have already heard about the Swine Flu Tracker application that is soon to to be available in the App Store. According to TUAW’s article, Swine Flu Tracker, by IntuApps, will do a few things. It will provide you with up-to-date information on what the threat level is based on the World Health Organization, it will display (on a Google Map) both confirmed and suspected cases of swine flu and it will provide you with facts and breaking news about the Swine Flu.

The app is still in the review process and there is no word yet on how much it will cost. But, if you want to stay up-to-date on the Swine Flu, I’m guessing this will be an app that you will want to check out.

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  1. YourMama'sPapi says

    Sweet! Can’t Wait To Get It… Cuz You Know Health Goes First.

  2. Yablonsky says

    Cost!? If it cost anything, then I would NOT buy it. Can’t think of people trying to make a profit off of something like this.

  3. DeftOne says

    Just another case of someone trying to take advantage of the swine flu hysteria created by the media and perpetuated by the internet and social media. As far as we know, “regular” seasonal influenza is just as deadly at this point, if not more so, than the H1N1 virus. Is there a regular flu tracker? Didn’t think so…

  4. this whole swine flu thing is turning into a big joke. aniphone app? really?? wow.

    • It is all a joke. Over 32,000 Americans die from the REGULAR flu every year. And swine flu has only killed like 2… in like 3 weeks.

  5. Do we really a app for this? There is already media overload on this subject. People are just over reacting to this. Swine flu has been around for a long time. It’s just gonna fade away like the bird flu and mad cow disease. Don’t need an app to track it.

    • The media might might be over reacting but this thing will cause panic with or without the help of the media. Yeah, it will fade away like Avian Flu, SARS etc but it will kill before it happens. Just like what happened with Avian flu, SARS and others.

  6. george mitchell says

    Whats funny about this whole swine flu is that the standard flu has killed thousands in the past two years and thats treated like nothing. The swine flu comes along and kills a few and its treated like its going to wipe out the civilization as we know it. The people making this app need to be slapped with an iPhone for helping the perpetuate the madness. Heck how about an AIDS tracker or maybe a Cancer tracker those combined kill more people daily than any flu ever!

  7. Flyonezewall says

    How about a lighting tracker app? Your chances of getting killed by a lightning strike are higher than dying of swine flu!

    And someone is going to cash in on all this hype and make money off of hysterical and paranoid people? Sad….


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