Paris “At a Glance” – Everything You Need To Know About Paris

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Paris So when I got Paris “At a Glance” I kinda just figured Paris was just part of the title and that you could put in any city you wanted to and it would bring up points of interest for that area. Yeah, not so much. This app is pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about Paris, France. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Paris gives you the ability to search pretty much any point of interest in and around Paris. This includes History and Culture, Things to see, Food, Shopping, Lodging, and Nightlife. Once you select a category it brings up a list of interesting places or restaurants or whatever for you to browse through and it also provides ratings out of 3 stars so you know what other people think about that particular attraction. You can also add certain places to a favorites list as you plan your trip.

This app or others from BeeLoop would be very useful if you were planning a trip to a foreign country/city such as Amsterdam, London, or Rome just to name a few…currently New York is the only United States city on the list but there are several other cities in the works. I could see how this app would greatly enhance a trip to any of these cities as it would be like having your own personal concierge in your pocket!



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