Jailbreaking Comic

Jailbreaking Comic A friend of ours Twittered this to Doug earlier today. It totally made me laugh when I read it… the sad part is, it can be true at times!


This comic is from RealLifeComics.com

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  1. Cir_osis says


    In a some what related way, is Cydia offline at the moment?

  2. This comic reminds me of 2.0.X and lower =]> My iPhone is totally stable on 2.2 except when it locks up ’cause I’m bein’ impatient, lol.

  3. The other day I used a non jailbroken phone and I almost passed out at how fast it was. I had forgotten how much lag jailbreaking adds. The features, though, are worth the wait. In the ends it’s just a few seconds here and there.

  4. Yablonsky says

    My Jailbroken phone has been VERY reliable for the longest time now. To be honest, I don’t have use my wife’s non-jailbroke phone, but she doesn’t have copy/paste, video recording, MMS, custom themes…etc….

    I’m happy with mine.

  5. mfleigle says

    Wait people have more lagginess jailbroken? I have always had a jailbroken device (since 1.0), and I have not noticed any extra slowness jailbroken. Some apps use more memory than others, but that is attributed to jailbreaking. I actually see jailbreaking to be less slow than the jailed. I used to think the same about jailbreaking performance but then I put it to the test. My iPhone would still crash do the same steps

    • There is quite a lag. I believe someone has done side by side tests on video, and so have I. Now … what in the jailbroken apps causes this, I don’t know – but most of the lag is in opening the applications.

      My phone doesn’t really crash on me, so I don’t have a clue about that.

      At some point I read that updating apps via the phone is what cause lag – in non and jailbroken phones, but I’ve tried a fresh install, without installing apps on the phone ( other than cydia, of course ) and my phone is still significantly slower than a non-jailbroken one.

      I’ve also lived without jailbraking for a week, and the phone was speedy, but I could not take it.

      Does your speedy phone use Winterboard?

  6. LordAnubiS says

    I stop using Winterboard because it makes my iPhone much slower, still i think i can’t live without Jailbreaking because I like to have multiple apps opening at the same time, like twitterfon and BeeJive

  7. Nice comic!! I have never had a unjailbroken iPhone so I guess I am used to the speed of it.

  8. its just a comic – its not true.. Jailbreaking does’t Slow the device down.
    Try it yourself — jailbreak the device – don’t install any app from cydia. and move icons from one page to the other they move without any prob.. try doing this on phone that has app installed.

    What causes the lag and the crashes is installing too many demons… some apps run on old demons some just install brand new ones…

    so jailbreak slowing the device down is incorrect. its the user who installs almost everything they see who gets the lag and crashes…

  9. I don’t think Jailbreaking by itself causes any slowdown, but it DOES allow the user to then install software which can cause performance problems. The Mobile Substrate library, in particular, adds a lot of hooks into the OS that can cause performance issues, Winterboard being probably the most widely used.

    After I removed Mobile Substrate and everything that used it, my phone has been like new again, even though it’s still jailbroken.