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TweetieFor me, this is the best Twitter client for the iPhone. I know people really like others, like Twitterrrific, but I still vote for Tweetie. You can easily set up and access mulitiple Twitter account. There are three different themes to the layout and design of the app, which is huge for me because I like the dark theme. You can easily access your main stream, @replies, direct messages and favorites from the main screen. The more tab, of course, has even more features like access to your own profile, go to user, nearby, trends, search and you can save your searches. You can post pictures or your location in tweets. Under a users profile you can reply, direct message, follow, stop following, see recent tweets, see recent replies to that user, see who they are following and who’s following them, and block or unblock. The best feature of all for me is the ability to customize the app like changing the theme, and the way your retweets look.

I recommend this app if your are a regular tweeter and remember, you can follow me at @ahhyeah or at @iphoneschool.



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  1. I use Tweetie also. I really like it!

  2. I’m using free Twitterrific. Its good enough for me.

  3. franchise says

    I’ve purchased and use this app all the time. My only gripe with it is that it ignores standard conventions when it comes to re-tweeting. If they ever fix that, I would have no faults with this app.

  4. I used Tweetie for the longest time until Twitterrific 2 was released. Tweetie’s UI bores me now compared to Twitterrific’s. I bought Twitterrific Premium, and I haven’t looked back at Tweetie since.

  5. i love twitterrific premium, nuff said.

  6. Twitterrific Premium for me as well!

  7. I recently got into twitter and LOVE TwitterFon Pro. Just throwing it out there.