iPhone 3G S from AT&T: Pricing and Availability Info Video

AT&TAT&T has posted a new video about the iPhone 3G S. I like what the first comment says:

Nothing is mentioned about how AT&T wants to charge $500 or $600 dollars for´╗┐ existing iPhone 3G users. Why can’t existing customers pay $200 or $300 like new customers? Nothing like screwing those who have been paying quite a bit already… Please reconsider and realize how poorly this looks on AT&T and get ready for the strong blogger response… Just another example of a company missing their mark and screwing the existing customer base. Why does AT&T try to hide this fact?

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  1. this dude looks crazy…… i tihnk ima just stick with my 3g iphone att did us wrong with this…..

  2. This is EFFING BS. They did the right thing with the 3G release! WHY are they screwing us out of the new phone? DONT THEY WANT OUR MONEY? I REFUSE to pay 699$ for the 3GS WHEN I BOUGHT THE 3G THE DAY IT CAME OUT.

  3. Oh no! Anything but the “strong blogger response!”

    Haha, j/k…this didn’t make much sense; although I’m glad I still have my 2G right now.

  4. Soo the iphone 3Gs is going to look the same as the regular 3G? and what is the difference between those two? as in features and stuff?

  5. BS!! i was going to buy this but ill wait til dec att sucks

  6. Love to get it through att, but AT&T service prices is a joke compared to tmobile

  7. I am not understanding the angst of those that purchased the 3G phone. You purchased the phone SUBSIDIZED, are you unsure what that means? There is a sense of entitlement going on in the world that’s really unsettling.

    • yeah but if we continue the contract (which is subsidized) with at&t, that has nothing to do with the “subsidized” that you clearly don’t understand.

    • To be clear the phones aren’t ‘subsidized’ they are financed through the signing of a 2 year contract (in this case). You are agreeing to pay X amount for that period of time which is paying for the ‘discount’ you got on the phone upfront. The fact that AT&T will allow you to upgrade at month 18 or 20 merely proves, past the point of break-even, they have recouped their money. Also at the 18/20 month mark the money you have paid is adjusted for time value of money, so they are fully repaid. Just a like leasing a car a few months before the contract expires they come to with the ‘deal’ to ‘discount’ the next phone for you, all you have to do is sign another 2 year contract.
      As for the entitlement, I can see how people complaining about the pricing structure could come off that way. However, these people have most likely really been selling the iphone and Apple brand to friends/family/co-workers, etc. There is certainly value in keeping those customers happy. Apple could give the customers a discount assuming they turn in their 3G phone which keeps Apple in control of the phones on the market. They could take the returned phones and use them as refurb. models and not have a strong ‘grey market’ emerge.

      The response from customers and Apple will be interesting over the next couple of weeks regardless.

    • Thanks for the clarification Revluc. I thought it was also a great idea that they have finally given consumers the option to purchase the phones “no strings attached” if they don’t want to be locked into a 2 year contract.

  8. 3.0 comes out june 17th but will AT&T support mms when its released or will we have to wait? will it cost extra??

  9. Ok… I am with tmobile. Just bought one for 199. I will pay the 175 fee to break the contract. the phone will cost me less than $400

  10. O2 in the UK are pulling the same stunt as AT&T.

    The reason the iphone 3G sold like hot cakes on release is because majority of the early purchases were upgraders.

    Since then the vast majority of the other iphone 3g purchasers have jumped on the wagon as and when the time comes to upgrade.

    I don’t think this lastest version will sell out in no time like the previous one, because so many people are locked into contract that now they won’t be willing to break.

    Most people with 3G’s are on 18/24 month deal, Personally I’ve got to wait till Jan for my contract to expire, at which point I might as well wait another 6 months for next years model. I’m sure many will do the same.

    to be honest, I think most people are more excited about Firmware 3 than 3GS.

  11. So let me get this straight..

    I have a 1st Generation iPhone and it says I can upgrade my current iPhone for $199. Now is this the cost of just the phone or just the service plan.