Categories and SBSettings Updated

##ICON_NAME## Some of you might not see the update for SBSetting and Categories based on when you jailbroke (because then you would already have the new versions) but, both apps were recently updated. They both currently worked on firmware 3.0 so, neither received a very signifcant update, mostly bug fixes. Below are the change logs for both.

Categories 2.23-1:
    • Added some debugging info for some crashing some folks are seeing
    • Added some permission changes to some folders to “guess” what some crashing may be as a long shot [Read more…]

Screenshots From iPhone 3GS

So I went to our local AT&T store and they had the iPhone 3GS out on display already. I took the liberty to take some screenshots and email them to myself :) The device is definitely faster and the autofocus on the camera rocked. The video looked really nice as well. Can’t wait to get mine tomorrow!

iPhone 3G S from AT&T: Pricing and Availability Info Video

AT&TAT&T has posted a new video about the iPhone 3G S. I like what the first comment says:

Nothing is mentioned about how AT&T wants to charge $500 or $600 dollars for existing iPhone 3G users. Why can’t existing customers pay $200 or $300 like new customers? Nothing like screwing those who have been paying quite a bit already… Please reconsider and realize how poorly this looks on AT&T and get ready for the strong blogger response… Just another example of a company missing their mark and screwing the existing customer base. Why does AT&T try to hide this fact?