Screenshots From iPhone 3GS

So I went to our local AT&T store and they had the iPhone 3GS out on display already. I took the liberty to take some screenshots and email them to myself :) The device is definitely faster and the autofocus on the camera rocked. The video looked really nice as well. Can’t wait to get mine tomorrow!

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  1. Sweet. It said I’m not eligible for an ugrade until sept ’10. And I got mine in November of last year. So 3G I will stay. Hackers will put the video/camera app into cydia, along with the voice command app. Those are software updates. Not updates for a new phone. 3G > 3GS

    • Josh Wiens says

      I figured you could transfer the video camera thing to good old 3G. We will have to wait till then.

  2. Josh Wiens says

    I hope Rogers here in Canada does some sort of an early upgrade deal. Too bad I just got my 4th iPhone (after many problems) and a new contract 2 weeks ago. AHHHH.

    *pulls out hair*

    • I bought the 3g on the 1st 6 days before they announced the 3gS. I had no problem w/ATT allowing me to switch the phones out, I’ll pick it up in about 9 hours. Hopefully you can do the same!

  3. Man I think I’m paying the retail price cause I can’t wait ….. Awwww ;]