New Poll – What new features of the iPhone 3G S do you like most?

Poll Now that we actually know what the new features of the iPhone 3G S are, I thought I better update the poll! A few weeks ago, we had a poll with some of the rumors of the iPhone 3G S. Below are the results of that poll.

What features do you think we will see with the next gen iPhone? (choose as many as you would like)

* More Storage (32GB and 16GB) (73.0%, 498 Votes)
* Faster Processor (76.0%, 522 Votes)
* More RAM (68.0%, 464 Votes)
* 3.2 Megapixel Camera (72.0%, 495 Votes)
* Video Recording (71.0%, 482 Votes)
* OLED screen (38.0%, 258 Votes)
* Built-In FM Transmitter (33.0%, 223 Votes)
* Illuminated Apple Logo (28.0%, 189 Votes)
* Turn-By-Turn Directions (53.0%, 363 Votes)
* Rubber Tread Backing on Device (22.0%, 152 Votes)
* Longer Battery Life (75.0%, 513 Votes)
* No Metal Band Around Edge of Device (22.0%, 148 Votes)
* Video (Picture) Messaging (62.0%, 425 Votes)
* Built-In Compass (41.0%, 279 Votes)

Total Voters: 683

Below is the new poll.

What new features of the iPhone 3G S do you like most? (choose all the apply)

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  1. I seem to be with the majority:
    Increased Battery Life, Increased Speed, 3 Megapixel Auto Focus Camera, New Camera Features, Video Capturing.

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