Friday Night Movie Night: Waterproof iPhone 3GS

YouTubeSo I got a great idea. Let me know if you hate it or love it (vote below). Every Friday night I will post some of the best/most viewed iPhone videos on YouTube of that week. If you find any throughout the week, send them to me at I saw this one over at and Now hopefully this is legit, but I kinda think it its. This guy drops his iPhone into a pool and it keeps working. Of course it could be like a flip video in a waterproof case, or even an iPhone waterproof case. Anyone want to test it out?

Do you like the idea of Friday Night Movie Night? (top iPhone videos from YouTube that week)

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  • No (23%, 111 Votes)

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  1. Wow… That is awesome! I want one now :D

  2. EMTsimpson says

    I would have passed out as soon as it went into the water! LOL

  3. It’s fake. If it qwould have been true apple would have higlighted it.

  4. iLove my iPhone says

    fake, there is no proof that it is an iphone, prob a vid cam with waterproof case

    • The shadow when it’s about to hit the bottom looks like the shape of an iPhone. Yes, that could’ve been faked too, but I’m just saying.
      Besides, it’s very possible that if it IS an iPhone, it kept working for a little while longer, then started dying.

  5. Fake , because u can see a cord at the end … But the iphone has no cord-hole

  6. This is what you call a 100% putz.

  7. Stevey101 says

    Yep, I would not try this if I were you, well unless of core it was in a plastic bag. The ispazio guys viewed it frame by frame and found it to be in a bag. I would give the link but I am not sure if that is allowed.

  8. I guess you never heard of

    They started almost two years ago. They apply a special coating to materials to make it waterproof. Their original demo video had an iPod Touch working while underwater. It us truly an amazing technology. I think they wanted over $100 to do my 1st gen iPhone, but I never got it done.

  9. Not a iphone.. The mic on my 3GS doesn’t make that distinct camcorder pop while recording audio… Fake..

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