Volunteer-O-Matic – Randomly Choose From a List of Names (or numbers)

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Volunteer-O-Matic Having a hard time deciding who’s turn it is to make the coffee run or who’s turn it is to pick up the tab or even who’s turn it is to take out the garbage? Volunteer-O-Matic is the app for you. A simple, yet handy, application that allows you to randomly choose from a list of names (or numbers).

So lets say you need to decide who’s turn it is to make the coffee run at work. Just create a “Coffee Run” list and add the names of the people in the office. Then, give it a “spin” and it will randomly choose a name from the list.

One cool feature of the app is the ability to remove a name from the next spin. That way if Mike isn’t at work that day, you can temporarily remove his name from the list. You can remove as many people as needed from the next spin then, just reset the list to bring the names back.

As simple as this application is, it is very well designed and has a great user interface. It is worth the $0.99 to prevent the five minutes wasted while everyone tries to decide who’s turn it is to get coffee!



App Store Description:

Ever need to quickly pick a random name from a list for someone to

– handle the check
– go first taking turns
– make a pizza run
– kick off a discussion?

Maybe you want to make a list of tasks or chores you have been putting off and then randomly select one?

Well, with Volunteer-O-Matic you can create lists of names, tasks, chores, or numbers in seconds and then let the app do all the hard work for you!

Volunteer-O-Matic features

– unlimited capacity for making lists of names, chores, tasks, and numbers
– convenient one-click interface to pick names right from your Address Book
– one-touch number list generation
– temporary removal of entries from next spin
– shiny buttons

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  1. BrohenJamire says

    i really think this is a really good app so that i can randomly pick names instead of using the ol’ hat! Thank you Volunteer-O-Matic