Numbers from True Learning – Introduce Toddlers to Numbers and Counting

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

Numbers Numbers from True Learning is an application designed to introduce toddlers to numbers (names and recognition), counting and sequencing.

I recently did a review of True Learning’s Alphabet Air, an interactive matching game that introduces toddlers to letter names and sounds, and found that my two and half year old son Denver loved it. So, I was anxious to give Numbers from True Learning a try too.

When you open the game, you will get a screen with a number and a corresponding scene. When you tap on a number, it will say the name of that number. When you tap on the scene next to the number, it will say the number again and then it has a nice little animation in which all the objects in the scene disappear and then reappear one at a time. A sound will play each time an object appears… helping to draw your toddlers attention to that object. [Read more…]

Volunteer-O-Matic – Randomly Choose From a List of Names (or numbers)

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

Volunteer-O-Matic Having a hard time deciding who’s turn it is to make the coffee run or who’s turn it is to pick up the tab or even who’s turn it is to take out the garbage? Volunteer-O-Matic is the app for you. A simple, yet handy, application that allows you to randomly choose from a list of names (or numbers).

So lets say you need to decide who’s turn it is to make the coffee run at work. Just create a “Coffee Run” list and add the names of the people in the office. Then, give it a “spin” and it will randomly choose a name from the list. [Read more…]