Numbers from True Learning – Introduce Toddlers to Numbers and Counting

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Numbers Numbers from True Learning is an application designed to introduce toddlers to numbers (names and recognition), counting and sequencing.

I recently did a review of True Learning’s Alphabet Air, an interactive matching game that introduces toddlers to letter names and sounds, and found that my two and half year old son Denver loved it. So, I was anxious to give Numbers from True Learning a try too.

When you open the game, you will get a screen with a number and a corresponding scene. When you tap on a number, it will say the name of that number. When you tap on the scene next to the number, it will say the number again and then it has a nice little animation in which all the objects in the scene disappear and then reappear one at a time. A sound will play each time an object appears… helping to draw your toddlers attention to that object.

The game contains the numbers 1 through 20. To advance to the next number, just scroll the screen. Once your toddler has gone through all 20 numbers, they have the option to play again.

Like with Alphabet Air, Numbers is very well designed with vibrant, kid-friendly illustrations that every toddler will love. My son really enjoyed the animations and scrolling through the numbers. One feature that I really liked was that it said the number name when the scene was tapped. Denver tends to tap on the scene and then move on to the next number without tapping on the number itself.

In the future, the developers plan on implementing a few additional features into Numbers including a new feature that counts the objects as they reappear in the scenes as well as both Spanish and French options.

Overall, a great application that introduces numbers to toddlers in a fun and interactive way.

Numbers from True Learning


App Store Description:

From the creators of Letters A to Z, the popular toddler and preschooler educational alphabet app, comes Numbers from True Learning for ages 2 and older.

Numbers is a captivating set of animated flash cards designed to introduce toddlers and preschoolers to the mathematical concepts of numbers, counting and sequencing. Young kids will learn to recognize, name and count the numbers 1 to 20.

Each flashcard contains adorable characters and creatures that come to life in beautifully illustrated scenes accompanied by custom music.

Numbers is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Large buttons and clickable areas make it perfect for the fine motor skills of your young child.

• Tap the large number to hear the name of the number.
• Tap the scene to play a fun animation as the corresponding number of objects appear timed to a custom music track.
• Intuitively scroll to the next letter with a flick of the finger.

Expose your young child to pre-math in a fun and engaging way and build a solid foundation for future math skills.

If you do not hear audio, please make sure the iPhone is not in silent mode. The switch on the side should be in the up position. Also note that on the original iPod touch, headphones are required to hear the audio since it does not contain speakers.

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