SMS Helper – SMS Character Counter

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SMS HelperSMS Helper is a very cool application that counts the number of characters as you type a text messages. When installed, it adds a counter into the stock Messages application. The character count is displayed on the Send button in the lower right corner as you type the message… it is a very clean implementation of the mod.

This mod is cool for a couple of reasons. The first is that most devices (carriers) allow a text message of 160 characters before the message is split into two texts. Another reason this is a helpful mod is that if you twitter from your text messages, you normally have to guess when you have hit the 140 character limit well… not anymore! [Read more…]

Numbers from True Learning – Introduce Toddlers to Numbers and Counting

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

Numbers Numbers from True Learning is an application designed to introduce toddlers to numbers (names and recognition), counting and sequencing.

I recently did a review of True Learning’s Alphabet Air, an interactive matching game that introduces toddlers to letter names and sounds, and found that my two and half year old son Denver loved it. So, I was anxious to give Numbers from True Learning a try too.

When you open the game, you will get a screen with a number and a corresponding scene. When you tap on a number, it will say the name of that number. When you tap on the scene next to the number, it will say the number again and then it has a nice little animation in which all the objects in the scene disappear and then reappear one at a time. A sound will play each time an object appears… helping to draw your toddlers attention to that object. [Read more…]

Dev-Team Gets Google Voice (and gives out the number!)

Dev-Team It seems the Dev-Team has some guts! They just posted on Twitter that they have a new Google Voice number… the post includes the number itself. So, if you would like to reach the Dev-Team, feel free to call (347) Dev-Team which equals (347) 338-8326. I’m not sure who you will get (maybe it is forwarding to all the Dev-Team members) or if they will even answer but, they said to feel free to leave a message. I have a feeling they might start to get inundated with calls… we will see if they regret the decision! [Read more…]

SpoofApp now available via Cydia

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpoofApp It is nice to see a few familiar apps being released for firmware 2.0. SpoofApp is an app that allows you to record calls, change your voice when making a call and change the display number when you make a call. There are a few change with the new version of the application. When you open SpoofApp, it will look basically the same. The Recordings option on the lower menu bar has a new icon and the Free Minutes button in the upper right corner has been changed to a Help option. When you open the Settings you will notice that they have changed slightly. Besides having a new look, there is also the option to turn on/off the Keypad Sounds.

The Buy Minutes options has also improved. The cost of the minutes has not changed (prices listed below). You are also still able to get five free minutes.
[Read more…]