Dev-Team Gets Google Voice (and gives out the number!)

Dev-Team It seems the Dev-Team has some guts! They just posted on Twitter that they have a new Google Voice number… the post includes the number itself. So, if you would like to reach the Dev-Team, feel free to call (347) Dev-Team which equals (347) 338-8326. I’m not sure who you will get (maybe it is forwarding to all the Dev-Team members) or if they will even answer but, they said to feel free to leave a message. I have a feeling they might start to get inundated with calls… we will see if they regret the decision!

Tweet: “We can now be reached on our shiny new google-voice number (347) DEV-TEAM leave us a message for fun and RT :-)”

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  1. someone call the number and tell me what happens!!

  2. The message voice go to MuscleNerd. A DevTeam member

  3. I received the Google Voice link invitation from Google, but once I signed in, a message sas that I’m out of US, and Google Voice is not yet able for Brazil. Why, then, did they send me the link?!!!

    • How long did you have to wait to get an invite? Did they give you any invites that you’re willing to share? :)

    • i guess, I was waiting for 1 month more less. But, now-a-days it should be more fast. I’m not sure if I received invites to share, guess not.