SMS Helper – SMS Character Counter

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SMS HelperSMS Helper is a very cool application that counts the number of characters as you type a text messages. When installed, it adds a counter into the stock Messages application. The character count is displayed on the Send button in the lower right corner as you type the message… it is a very clean implementation of the mod.

This mod is cool for a couple of reasons. The first is that most devices (carriers) allow a text message of 160 characters before the message is split into two texts. Another reason this is a helpful mod is that if you twitter from your text messages, you normally have to guess when you have hit the 140 character limit well… not anymore!

The counter displays the number of characters out of 160 (example 45/160) however, since the iPhone can go over 160 characters it will just continue to count the characters (example 185/160).

Overall, a very cool mod that I will most definitely be keeping. You can get SMS Helper via the BigBoss sources.


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  1. I have been waiting for something that did this for awhile now, and they way it is implemented here is really smooth. A lot of the people i text are on a different carrier so staying in the 160 limit to keep it as one message it nice.

  2. Thanks to Tom from Israel who develop that little helper!

  3. jimmyjimmy says

    Is anything known about the 3.1 jailbreak for windows?

  4. Very nice tweak! Is there a tweak for smilies in txt messages, too?

  5. Will this work in Google Voice App?

  6. Great find.

  7. Hi friends, can you give the the url of the source? I have install bigboss-iplanet source but I can not find this SMS Helper….. Could you post the protocols? Thanks before.

  8. mark boyce says

    whats the app called to get the weather in the status bar?

    • it’s called “WEATHER ICON” in Cydia. Then you have to go to your SETTINGS TAB and find it there so you can turn it on, or have it set up the way you want. If you want the degrees and tiny icons also install KLEAR WEATHER ICON.

  9. I also cannot find SMS Helper in Cydia. Please tell us how we can find it. Thanks.

  10. It’s been updated to version 0.2
    It now shows 160/1 then when you start typing, it will count down to 130/1 (meaning you have 130 characters left, and you’re on your 1st message)
    If you go past 160, it will then turn to 160/2 meaning you’ve got 160 characters, and you’re on your 2nd message.

    This the correct way, and it is now awesome!

    • Petter Stolt says

      This is not true. It is not possible to send 320 chars in two messages because the message will start with an user data header (UDH) containing segmentation information.

  11. Ohhhhhh yes! I was looking for something exactly like this, perfect! this is why I love that I have my Iphone jailbroken!

  12. this is great I’ve been looking for such a long time..
    thank you

    • Sms helper is buggy for brazilian chars like é,ç,á,ã, etc. The counter goes crazy every time non conventional chars are used.

    • says

      No it’s not, non english chars make the msg size go from 160 to 70, read about unicode encoding in sms

  13. Great app. I beleive this app show how many SMS have been send/received. Can you tell me where this information is store/display?


  14. there is a bug if we touch text already typed counter changes and doesnt complete the count…

  15. Great app!
    Maybe you could implement an “CallHelper” to count minutes. That would be great too!

  16. thanks so much! very good app! it is soooo helpful! keep it up!!

  17. great work done……excellent job……..thanks

  18. When is the sms helper for 4.0 x OS going to come out. I cant wait..please help! it will be a life saver..!!

    • Go to Settings –> Messages –> Turn on Character Count

      However, note that it only shows the character count after 25 characters or 2+ lines of text….I think.


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