Friday Night Movie Night: Removing iPhone 3GS Passcode and Encryption

YouTubeI’m not putting this video out there for you to learn how to hack into iPhones. I’m doing it so you can see how weak Apple’s security on the iPhone is. Hopefully you will be a little more careful about what you put on your device :)

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  1. wow, that is scary; relying on a supposingly secure device mustn’t be taken for granted!! Since Apple is more or less hammering on security, this is a bit of a let down. Hope they will fix this in the very near future.

  2. Regardless of phone,some people out there will try to get into ANY type of phone.

  3. Basically you can remove the passcode, but removing the encryption seems pointless as you already have access to the iPhone and old previous backups remain encrypted. A remote wipe of the iPhone via MobileMe and your data is secure. At least from all but the most determined data snoops.

    Nor does this make the iPhone any less safe than just about ANY other mobile device.

  4. My doubt in this process is: the programmer has reboot the device and pluged into his same Mac, BUT, in my knowlodge, it wouldn’t work in another Mac, just because itunes should ask to RESTORE the device. Am I right?

  5. Who’s cares, rubbish..
    If they can extract data from HD’s that have been in fires of course they can crack into a phone. WOW?

    ” i like scallops..”


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