BargainBin – Push Notifications For App Price Changes

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

BargainBinYou are going to love this application! It allows you to create a custom list of apps and get push notifications of price changes. So, if you have an app you’ve always wanted but would only pay $0.99 for it, just search for the app, add it to the list, and set the price. If the prices ever changes to your price, the app will send you an push notification. This also works for when apps become free. AWESOME!

Now that’s not all. This app lets you browse apps via category and sort them by recent price changes (bargin), popularity or free. For example, I went into the photography category and found all the sweet apps and added them to my list for when they become free. Now whenever they become free I’ll get a push notification. Other sweet features included app screenshots, descriptions, & a direct link to App Store.


Video Demo


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  1. need a update to select which country to choose need uk support

  2. Very cool. Would also be neat if it would allow for app update notification, for apps not currently on the iPhone.


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