BossPaper 0.99 Update and News On Official Release Date

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BossPaper It seems that BossPaper has received on more quick update. The update fixes a few bugs and adds a new Solid Color wallpaper option. You can view view the full change log below.

Now for the good news! For those of you who having been waiting for this application to be released in the main BigBoss source, you will not have to wait much longer, BigBoss plans on releasing version 1.0 of BossPaper tonight (as long as there are no major bugs with the 0.99 version).

One thing to note is that this application only works on the 3.x firmware though BigBoss has been testing the app on firmware 2.2.1… see his notes below.

0.99 Change Log:
    • Added solid color option. When enabling solid color selection, any images you selected are ignored, all timers and changing papers are disabled.
    • Made some adjustments so that the longer durations will work. This should enable someone to set long times ranging in hours and still have the image swap. Prior to this, it required for the iPhone to be unlocked on springboard the whole time before that image would swap.
    • Fixed issue where hi-res images in camera roll wouldnt show up in preview because they were too large.

I have done some testing on 2.2.1 with BossPaper. It *mostly* works but there are a few problems: 1) The image doesn’t stop rotating because the springboard API to detect when an app is loaded changed. 2) Some settings app gui problems 3) My routine to copy dock is broken. I am not sure how much effort I am going to take to fix these things.

As it stands, I plan to release v1.0 as 3.0 only sometime later tonight baring any major issues with 0.99 reported. So far all issues seem minor.

Read full article HERE.


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  1. i love my iphone says

    big boss mentiones this is better than winterboard when it comes to roating pictures bc of les cpu/resources. what about for static wallpaper themes? is this necessary if i dont rotate my wallpaper?

  2. Official 1.0 is available to download via Cydia. I can’t seem to choose the Folder that I sync with via iTunes.