Marriage Log – Keep track of your marriage!

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Marriage Log Marriage Log, by the He Said She Said blog, is an application designed for married couples. It allows you to quickly and easily keep track of those important marriage moments and details.

The app has four main categories; The last time we…, Plans for “us” time are…, I need to remember to… and Details about me spouse are…

In each category, you can add things specific to your marriage… including that date in which they occurred.

The application is simple and easy to use. I love the Details section where I can add all Doug’s info. It is great to see an application that promotes spending time and energy on your marriage and that reminds us of the importance of enjoying each other! YAY for the Marriage Log!

There are a few things I would love to see in the app; the ability to rearrange the lists and the ability to write more (it gets cut off after the second line).

The developer’s of the Marrage Log (a married couple) have an interesting blog. If you are interested, you can check it out HERE.

Marriage Log


App Store Description:

If you’re married and an iPhone user then you need the Marriage Log!

1. Record the most important aspects of your marriage in a special place.
2. Plan together time. It’s a quick and easy way to manage upcoming events, dates, etc.
3. Remind yourself how to be a great spouse and check it daily to maintain your marriage.
4. Remember details about your spouse. Next time you want to surprise your spouse, don’t ruin it by having to call to get their sizes, favorites, etc.

The Marriage Log is fully customizable as you can personalize the entries and add many more!

Press Release:

August 25, 2009 – Omaha, NE: Apple markets its iPhone with the phrase, “There’s an App for that.” If you want to check how many calories are in your lunch, there’s an app for that. If you want to check exactly where you parked your car, there’s an app for that. With approximately 50,000 Apps available for download, Apple claims, “There is an App for just about…anything.” The release of Marriage Log bolsters this claim. If you want to check on the status of your marriage, there’s an App for that.

The concept for Marriage Log comes from the creators of He Said She Said blog, Pierce and Brittany Hibma, and is consistent with their vision of using the latest 21st Century technology to promote marriage, the oldest institution known to humankind. The main hub of He Said She Said blog is their website: Here, Pierce and Brittany present topics relevant to married life in a fun and fresh way with titles such as “Scheduled Maintenance OR The Impromptu Sweat Session.” “Ultimately, we hope to be a catalyst for changing the negative view of marriage and display
it as the worthy celebration it truly should be,” said Brittany.

Pierce and Brittany are both 25 years old and have one year of marriage under their belt. They readily admit they have learned a lot in their first year. According to Pierce, “The most important thing we’ve learned is to value our marriage and maintain our enthusiasm for each other.” As the product of divorced parents, Brittany knows that marriage can be a challenge and sometimes ends. However, they are both committed to making their marriage work and plan to do it through great communication, enjoyable activities, and living with purpose.

Marriage Log App for iPhone is meant to assist in accomplishing the goals of Pierce and Brittany that are shared by many other married couples. It provides a special place for iPhone users to store information regarding their special relationship. Also, it encourages each user to give their spouse the attention they deserve. Among the many iPhone Apps available, Marriage Log is arguably the most important for any married person as it is sure to improve any and every marriage.

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  1. essentially, it sounds like an app for the guys to help keep track of the things he has done for her. I can never really remember the last time we went dancing, but this ould help… when she says “you never take me dancing” I can whip out the iPhone and Yes I did…on Thursday, October 12, 2008 @ 20:45 hours….we danced for about 3 minutes.


    • LOL… I’m not sure that is the app’s intended purpose but it works. I think you should use it to remember that it has been a month since you bought your wife flowers and you should show her how much you love her buy surprising her with some for no specific reason besides the fact that you love her. Though, I could be slightly biased since I’m a wife and all. :)

    • If he bought her flowers more often she probably wouldn’t ask to dancing so much. She’d probably prefer for some different kind of entertainment.