Readdle Releases Cannons – Pirate-Themed Puzzle Game

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

Cannons Readdle announced Cannons about a month ago and it has finally hit the App Store. Cannons is a pirate-themed puzzle game. The object of the game is to rotate the tiles (which contain pieces of rope) to create fuses and thus fire cannons.

This is not the only game in the App Store with this same basic concept however, Cannons stands out among them with it’s well designed graphics and unique features.

The game contains four different options for game play; Story or Quick Play Arcade, Classic and Strategy. The Story option will tell a pirate story as you play the game. Each time you pass a level, you get a piece of the map and another tidbit of the story. In this game play, you have to have a specific number of cannons fire within the amount of time you are given in order to advance to the next level.

The Quick Play feature provides three game play options; Arcade, Classic and Strategy. In Arcade, the tiles drop down as you play (you can shake your device to have more tiles fall). Like in the Story game play, you must have a specific number of cannons fire within the amount of time you are given in order to advance to the next level. You also cannot allow the tiles to touch the top of the screen. You can move tiles around by dragging them

In Classic, the screen is already full of tiles and as you use them, more drop down into their place. The object of this game play is also to have a specific number of cannons fire within the amount of time you are given in order to advance to the next level.

In Strategy, the screen starts full of tiles however, you have a limited amount of torches you can use. The object of this game play is to make as many cannons fire as possible using the amount of torches you are given.

In each game play, there are three levels; Easy, Normal and Hard.

Some of the cool features include; the ability to earn coins while you play that allow you to upgrade your cannons (reminds me of Fieldrunners) and Profiles. Profiles is a feature that allows you to create more than one profile. This is nice if you are playing on a certain game play and do not want to lose your score but, you want to play a different game play. You can just create another profile and leave the previous one where it is. Or, if you have someone who likes to play games on your iPhone or iPod touch, they can create their own profile so that they can leave yours where it is.

Overall, a very nicely designed game with unique features that keep it interesting and worth playing. If you like these kind of games, this one is worth the $2.99.

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App Store Description:

This is a story about vicious pirates, great sea battles and enormous treasures. Take command on the ship, blow up your enemies and find the hidden gold in this addictive puzzle game!

Rotate tiles to create fuses and fire cannons, earn coins firing multiple cannons and use them to upgrade your weapons. Fire as many cannons as you can and remember – the time is running out!

Four parts of the treasure map are hidden across the archipelago. Find them before your enemies.

– Score as much points as you can in Classic battle
– Think faster in Arcade battle
– Fire effectively in Strategy battle

– The Hook
– The Red Dragon
– The Black Widow
– The Hell Hound

– Worldwide high scores system to challenge other captains
– Multiple profiles to compete on a single iPhone with friends

So welcome aboard captain, it’s time to leave the port!

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