Sabec Announces VideoCam™ – “World’s First iPhone 2G/3G Video Camera App”

App Store We get quite a few Press Releases in our email everyday… this one caught me eye. Apparently Sabec, a London based company, has developed a video camera application called VideoCam. They claim that the application allows video recording capability on the iPhone 2G and 3G. Apparently VideoCam is currently in review by Apple and will be released “at a very affordable price.” I really don’t see this one making it past the review process. :)

Press Release:

Sabec Launches the World’s First iPhone 2G/3G video camera app

London based Sabec ( is the first company to launch a video camera app for the iPhone 2g/3g. VideoCam™ is truly unique in that it offers users the opportunity to record video on thie iPhone 2g / 3g.

This exciting breakthrough follows almost one year of research and development and is set to change the way users record and watch video on their iPhone.

The VideoCam™ is currently awaiting approval from Apple, Never before has an iPhone user had the ability to record motion video, and the arrival of VideoCam™ on the marketplace is seen as an important step forward from both a technological and an entertainment perspective.

VideoCam™ will be launched at a very affordable price.

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  1. Yeah this one will never be allowed past the approval process.

  2. Steve Thompson says

    It is cydia-bound!

  3. Never going to happen. And they’re not the first. (Cycorder, anyone?) They’re just the first ones to try and go through the approval process.

  4. Apple will stamp this out for sure. I would love to see some cycorder alternates in the Cydia store though.

  5. Yeah! Congrats on being the first app for the iPhone that allows video *cough*cycorder*cough*

  6. Lookin’ forward to the next Cycorder update that will save videos in camera roll. That way I can MMS then on 3G iPhone.

  7. There’s no way it’s gonna get approved. Since Apple has been rejecting and removing a lot of lyric apps lately, I can’t see them allowing something that will take away an advantage to getting a 3GS.

  8. Yeah…It will be nice to see some competition for Cycorder….which I use ALL THE TIME and have been for….hmmmm….over a year!!

  9. Well i hate to say it but that was a waste of a year of research for them. If the camera would actually record full 30 fps it would be something, but i think that the limitations of the iphone 2g/3g would only just crash.

  10. You guys are missing the point. So far the official SDK did not alow camera apps on any iphone model. Now it seems it does.

  11. stick with CYCODER.

  12. What we really need is a video chat app.

  13. Knowing Apple…I agree with many that it won’t get approved…yet cycoder was greatness when I had jailbroken but the real question is why (if at all) it got denied in the approval process when the 3gs wasn’t even close to being out? More free money for apple…??? Not smart denials, way to go ‘special ed’ apple- uberfail!

  14. it’s been a while now and nothing yet it the app store. I’m guessing it hasn’t been approved by apple. The dev could have at least keep us inform in a blog or something.

  15. officially demoted to vapourware…