Action Menu Update – New Feature and Bug Fixes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Over the week-end Action Menu, a mod that adds additional options to the stock Cut, Copy and Paste functionality, was updated to version 1.0.1. The update adds quite a few new features to the mod as well as fixes quite a few bugs. Two new features that have been added to the Setting of the application include the ability to turn on/off the Extended Menu Support and the ability to sort the Favorites alphabetically. Below is a complete change log.

Change Log:
– No longer all copying secure text fields
– Add option to disable extended menu support
– Support for launching Birdfeed via Tweet action
– Remember language in Translate service.
– Allow carriage returns in Lookup (for supporter services)
– Option to sort Favorites alphabetically.
– Translate now work (Italian, German, Japanese, French)
– Fix Facebook crash
– Fix for copying song or album name in iPod app
– Fix biteSMS-button related crashes
– Fix crash when Lookup action is used inside SpringBoard
– Fix Copy All breaking copy in Photos app
– Fix crash in iTunes password dialog
– Fix freeze in Fast Notes
– Fix annoying popup on WiFi network/ringtone cells in Preferences
– Revert 1Password to value-only copying
– Prevent Safari freeze when invoking inside a window prompt (temporary fix)


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  1. This is such an AWESOME addition!

  2. What is extended mode? I thought it was the 3 dot option which brings up the whole menu of choices when in portrait mode but on or off I still see that option.

  3. I wish this had an Undo Paste feature in case you pasted in the wrong area. That would make this app unbelievably useful.