Dev Team Jailbreaks 3.1

DevTeamA recent tweet from @cpich3g claims the dev team has upgraded from firmware 3.0 to 3.1. It looks like they were on a jailbroken 3.0 and upgraded to 3.1 without having to rejailbreak. We’ll know more soon once we hear officially from the dev team. We’ll keep you updated once a tool is released. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet and the images @cpich3g posted in the tweet.

Picture 1

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  1. This is great. Wonder if its for Windows or just Mac?

  2. Havent they done this already? For the Mac, on 2G and 3G and iPodTouch 1G. I thought the long wait was for the 3GS and iPodTouch 2G/3G JB release and unlock. Or the news was that thy didnt have to rejailbreak after updating?

    • It’s not stated in this article but the jailbreak is indeed for the iPhone 3Gs. I’m waiting after upgrating to 3.1 on my 3Gs to jailbreak my iPhone.

    • Iphonejunky says

      Look at the tweet above it says 3gs 3.0 pwned->3.1

      translation 3gs has been pwned

  3. if this is for the 3gs then great! if not then i dont really care lol

    • I don’t care either. I’m a power user and I’ve learned to live without a jailbreak. Having the latest firmware means a hell of a lot more to me than Cydia. In fact, if it wasn’t for boards like this, I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

  4. That’s great news simply because they’ve done it. Now comes the time for me to decide whether or not I want to upgrade to 3.1 from 3.0.1 when there won’t be any important changes. Hmmm…

  5. Wait did I read that correctly? Does this mean that potentially they might be releasing a jailbreaking tool that will allow me to upgrade from 3.0.1 on my 3GS to 3.1 without having to rejailbreak and go through the tedious process of reinstalling all of my Cydia apps and other goodies including themes??????? Because if so WOW!!!!!! The Dev Team would SO rock! They rock anyway but THAT would just make them even more popular!!!!!! 3.1 for 3GS without rejailbreaking FTW!!!

  6. Im guessing tho its only for 3GS users who are on 3.0.1 if you have already upgraded to 3.1 then you are still screwed!

  7. I really hope that that tweet is true, and that the jailbreak for the 3GS is coming out soon! I can hardly wait! Will be keeping a watchful eye! 

  8. Not missing anything. I’m still sticking with 3.0. Having a jailbroke/unlocked 3gs is too good to risk losing. I’ll wait until the next big feature bump before reflashing this baby.

  9. iPhone Maya says

    Hmmm well last time I checked the jailbroken version was for Mac users. I’m still waiting on a jailbroken version for Windows. :\ Any day now….

  10. there is a different model number on each of those screenshots. do either of them correspond to a 3gs?